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Bachelor of Accounting: Degree Overview

Essential Information

Two types of four-year degree programs exist for accounting majors:

Bachelor of Accounting or Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.

Within these programs, students learn to analyze financial information, audit information, maintain records and scrutinize budgets.

Students also receive technical training in spreadsheets and databases…More at http://study.com

Types of Accounting Degrees

Types of Accounting Degrees – The Accounting Degree Review

Clearly, you have an interest in an accounting career, and in all honesty, why wouldn’t you? If you’re good with numbers, organization, and detail, there’s probably no more stable and lucrative career out there (not one that’s legal, anyway).

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for accountants are growing at a steady 10% over the next decade, and many specialties – especially those related to emerging technology – are growing even more quickly…More at http://accounting-degree.org