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Aeronautical Degree Programs and Majors Overview

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Students interested in aviation can pursue bachelor’s or master’s degrees in aeronautical engineering or aeronautical science. All programs are generally math and science intensive, and applicants need a strong background in those subjects.

Bachelor’s programs in aeronautical engineering are for students who want to design and build airplanes and related aeronautical equipment…More at

Aeronautics Degree Careers Opportunities

Careers in Aeronautics | Florida Institute of Technology

Whether you want to manage an airline or run an entire airport, a degree from Florida Tech can easily translate into many careers in Aeronautics.

Between expert instructors, internship opportunities, an engaged alumni network and a Career Management Services office, Florida Tech graduates are well prepared for a number of careers in aeronautics…More at

Career Information for an Aeronautics or Aviation Degree

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Aeronautics or aviation is generally the science of flight, and this field may also include the manufacturing and design of airplanes and helicopters.

Continue reading for an overview of the training, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates at

What Can I Do with a Degree in Aeronautical Studies?

Aeronautics addresses the theory and practice of flight. Read this article to learn more about careers that are possible with a degree in aeronautical studies.

Schools offering Aviation Management degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

In this article, we’ll focus on aerospace engineering, aircraft maintenance/repair, aviation, and scientific research…More at