How To Get A Degree In Aerospace Engineering

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Aerospace Engineering Degree Program Overview

Looking for information on Aerospace Engineering Degrees in simple terms? Our basic guide covers whats involved in the job and the skills required.

These experts develop new technologies and may specialize in structural design, navigation, robotics, instrumentation, control, or aerodynamic fluid control…More at

Types of Aerospace Engineering Degrees

What Types of Degrees are Available in Aerospace Engineering?

Master’s Degree

Students can also earn a Master of Science or a Master of Engineering degree in aerospace engineering. An M.S. degree focuses on research, typically requiring students to complete a thesis or another research project, while an M.Eng. program focuses more on the practical applications of aerospace engineering.

Sometimes, programs offer specialization options, including materials mechanics, thermal-fluid science, astronautics, robotics, nanoengineering and biomechanics…More at

How To Get A Degree In Aerospace Engineering

Complete Guide to an Online Aerospace Engineering Degree

Online aerospace engineering degrees are offered at 31 accredited online colleges and universities, most commonly at the master’s level.

Aerospace engineering is the field of study focused on designing and manufacturing aircraft and spacecraft.

Individuals who earn degrees in this field can work for the government or the private sector, in manufacturing and research positions…More at

Guide to Aerospace Engineering Major, Jobs, and Careers

Launch your career–literally–with a college degree in aerospace engineering. Find out if you’ve got the right stuff.

Aerospace Engineering Major

The always-evolving field of aerospace engineering is one of the most challenging career paths in the world.

Technology is advancing at a rate unparalleled since the Industrial Revolution.

Aerospace engineers are at the forefront of that expansion, as they research, design, and develop high-speed transportation vehicles…More at

Aerospace Engineering Major

Aerospace Engineering information, related careers, and college programs

Description: A program that prepares individuals to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills in support of engineers and other professionals engaged in developing, manufacturing and testing aircraft, spacecraft and their systems.

Includes instruction in aircraft/spacecraft systems technology, design and development testing, prototype and operational testing…More at