How To Get A Degree In Agriculture

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Agriculture Degrees | Top Universities

Agriculture degrees are highly interdisciplinary, requiring students to have a good grasp of natural and social sciences. From course structure to career options, this guide outlines all you need to know about agriculture degrees.

Think studying agriculture is just about learning how to plant seeds and shear sheep? Think again…More at

Career Information for a Degree in Agriculture

A degree in agriculture, sometimes called agricultural science, can lead to many diverse careers, depending on what educational track the student pursues.

These degree programs prepare graduates for jobs related to the science and business of growing cash crops, raising farm animals and caring for natural resources.

Students interested in the agriculture industry generally need 2-year or 4-year degrees, regardless of what agriculture careers they wish to pursue…More at

Types of Agriculture Degrees

Agriculture Degrees by Degree Program Level

By earning a master’s degree in agriculture, students can prepare to conduct relevant research or teach agricultural topics.

Those who earn a Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Economics programs might work in research, education or high-level business…More at

Types of Degrees in Agriculture | Agricultural Jobs

Since the beginning of civilization, agriculture has always been at the heart of human civilization. Even with the progression of time, agriculture has remained at the center of many of the most disturbing issues in the modern society.

For instance, poverty, famine, genetic modifications, environmental sustainability, epidemics related to diseases and development economics all intersect…More at

The 50 Best Life and Agriculture Sciences Programs in the World Today

We identified the best life science and agriculture science programs from the Academic Ranking of World Universities (“Shanghai Rankings”) and identified most important characteristics of each, revealing why each university’s degree program appears where it does.

Finding the best school for you

As you read this, roughly one third of the world’s population, over two billion people, live on two dollars a day. This comes at a time when changing weather patterns have seriously disrupted the growing season in places as disperse as Africa and the West Cost of the United States…More at