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What is a Degree in Agronomy?

Agronomy is the study of crops and soils. Academic degrees in agronomy vary greatly and include studies as diverse as molecular biology and international agricultural economics.

If you have a specific interest, you’ll find that many programs will allow you to choose a specialization or a specialized curriculum track…More at

The Agronomy Degree – Agronomy

In agronomy, you can interact with professors and students in small class settings. Your professors will also be your advisors, helping you to learn both inside and outside the classroom, as well as make important education and career decisions.

Diverse Opportunities For Agronomy Graduates

A major in Agronomy offers diverse opportunities for careers in many fields. An Agronomy major also provides an excellent foundation for graduate study in the biological sciences. Agronomy graduates find jobs and successful careers in many areas,…More at

University of Manitoba – Student Affairs – Admissions – Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences – Agronomy

Program description

Agronomy is the study and practice of field crop production, and the management of land and water resources. It aims to meet the demands of producing food, feed, fuel and bioproducts while maintaining a sustainable environment.

The Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) in Agronomy teaches students how to manage land for crop production. Students explore soil and landscape fundamentals, soil and water management, cropping systems…More at