Are You Addicted To Your Website Stats?

June 9, 2018 209 views

Image of a laptop displaying Web Analytics

How To Avoid, Addiction To Viewing Your Website Statistics

Don’t you get a kick out of looking at your revenue and viewing how many people visited your website? Well, it could turn into an addiction.

Here’s why.

When you’re making progress, it’s fun to log in to your account and see who many people visited your website, where they came from, and how much money you made.

Although it’s a must to know what’s going on and identify trends, it is counterproductive to continually view your web stats. It’s like planting a seed and doing nothing else but watching and waiting for it to grow.

Define A Time For Checking Your Stats

Here’s what I do. If I don’t have any promotions running, I would like to look at my web stats every day a 3:00 PM. I have made it a habit, and I look forward to this time.

Before, I would be looking at my web stats every few hours, and sometimes I would check each hour. It was becoming an addiction. I was addicted to my web statistics. I realized that this behavior was counterproductive. So I decided to analyze as mentioned once a day, and it’s been working well ever since.

You need to avoid getting addicted to watching your web stats. It will work against you and keep you focused on your web stats rather than on your work!

Disadvantages to Checking Your Web Stats Too Much

  • It takes away from your work time.
  • If you’re starting off and you don’t have many visitors or any revenue, then looking at your web stats too much makes you feel like you’re failing.

For organic traffic, that is free search engine traffic, Your site needs time to grow. So let your site grow. If you don’t allow growing time, you could be making hasty decisions. The only time I think you should closely watch your web stats is if you have a promotion going on. This is the time to watch closely and make necessary adjustments.

Another example of when you should closely watch your web statistics is if you are making new changes to an existing site. This is the time to dig in and find out what’s going on, identify trends, and plan accordingly.

That’s the way I see it.
Acey Gaspard