14 Insights and Simple Solutions for Dealing With a Bad Boss

June 10, 2018 470 views

How to Deal With A Bad Boss

Have a look at these short and sweet tips that can help you come up with a solution to deal with a bad boss.

1. It’s Time to Buckle Up

This is the time for you to become the best person you can at your job. You have to take it up a few notches so that you can start firing back by becoming the best you are at your job. You won’t have a lot of power to fight back if you are doing lousy work.

2. Look at Your Job Description

When you were hired, you should have received a job offer. This will outline your responsibilities. Go over this document and identify any issues you are neglecting.

3. Know Your Boss’s Status

Is your boss the top person in the organization, or does your boss report to someone? If your boss is the top person in the organization, then you won’t be able to talk to anyone higher up in the company.

4. Define The Problem

Take the time to write down the problems you are having with your boss. Doing so will give you a clear idea of what the actual problems are and allow you to decide if the issues warrant action to deal with the situation or if it is something you may be contributing to.

5. Look at Problems You are Causing

You must be doing something to contribute to the issue. Unless it’s a personal vendetta toward you, your boss has no reason to treat you badly. Questions might be: Are you doing your job? Are you causing your boss problems? Are you not pulling your weight? Are you making constant mistakes are you showing up for work on time?

6. Is it Just You or Everyone?

Is your boss treating only you badly, or is it, everyone? If it’s just you, you need to figure out why and try and rectify the issue.

7. Document Every Incident

It’s important to write each incident down with dates and times and detail. This will give you a log to look back on for trends, as well as important notes you can use if you need to talk to someone about the issues occurring.

8. Look at the Situation From Your Boss’s Point of View

Looking at your boss’s point of view may open your eyes to the situation.
Is your boss under a lot of stress? Is your department under-budgeted or under-performing? Are there a lot of problems that are causing your boss to become stressed?

9. Spot a Problem

Keep an eye out for a big problem your boss is having, and come up with a good solution or suggestion to improve the situation. Be sure to present the solution in private. You don’t want to do it publicly, because it may look like you are showing up your boss.

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