How To Get Your Business Ready For Change

June 8, 2018 208 views

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Business Is Changing Quicker Than Anytime In History

Change is now quicker than before, only because technology is moving forward at a quick pace. People are getting used to “more convenient,” “better,” and “quicker.” Because they are treated better if you don’t change and update your business, you not only have competition in the marketplace but also have to compete for your customer’s attention. It will be harder to satisfy your customer.

A Story About Denise’s Hair Salon

Denise ran a hair salon that she started many years ago. She had a large customer base and had been successful. She noticed that her customer base was declining. The list of regulars was getting smaller.

Denise didn’t keep up with industry news. She didn’t know that other salons were offering new massage chairs while customers had their hair done.

They also had most of their customers on an e-mail list, and they made some irresistible offers once a month. Not to mention, big screen TV’s as well as espresso coffee and other beverages. The customer experience had been taken up a few notches. But the most advanced feature was you could see what your hair would look like before the hairdresser had begun to style your hair. The computer would take your photo and display different hairstyles, so you could see what you look like and make a better decision as to their hairstyle.

The industry had advanced to new levels, and it would take Denise months and a substantial financial investment to get her business to a respectable level.

If Denise had stayed up to date, she could have implemented the changes little by little.

She could have mastered the changes one step at a time rather than trying to catch up all at once.

She would have given her customers something new every few months rather than shut down to implement all the changes at once.

What Do You Need to Change?

  • Being open to change is the most critical step.
  • Before looking for something new, it’s best to get rid of something that’s not working or hurting your business, or it will hurt your business in the future.
  • Find out what’s new in your industry. You can do this online or through trade journals, newsletters, etc.
  • With new innovations in your industry, consider what would work and for your business.
  • Listen to what your customers want.

Listen To Your Customer

Although you have to follow your instincts and do things the way you feel is right, you need to find the most important opinion, and that’s your customer’s opinion.

You may not be in direct contact with your customers, so you have to talk to them. One of the best ways to do this is via a survey.

For an excellent and entertaining book on change, check out Who Moved My Cheese?

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Acey Gaspard