How To Get Though Challenging Tasks Without The Pain

June 8, 2018 243 views

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Challenging Tasks Are a Part of Life and Business

Tips to Help You Take On Those Tasks Head-On

You are going to face challenging tasks, either you take them on, or you avoid them. I will share a few tips on how to get through challenging assignments that will empower you.

I once had a job that included data entry. This was a challenging task! I had to figure out what the data was because the paperwork was usually a mess. I had to figure out the product and place it under a suitable category, and sometimes the same data had to be entered differently, depending on the customer. Not a straightforward job, and mistakes were costly. When I first started, I felt a lot of pressure.

I thought, How can anyone do this job? I couldn’t believe how difficult it was, and it was not worth it for what I was getting paid. No way, I thought, I’m getting out of here. But at the time, I had no other choice but to stay and do the best I could.

The first few days were awful. Each entry was a pain, going back and forth, asking hundreds of questions a day. I thought I’ll never get through this. Then, as the days went by, I started to speed up.

A few weeks into it, I started to relax a bit, and then the job seemed to miraculously become easier. After a couple of months, I was beginning to catch mistakes that my trainer was making, not to mention, I could answer questions that others in the office were asking, and they had years of experience. Soon I was flying through the entries quickly. It felt like I was becoming an expert!

What Did I Learn From This Experience?

No matter how hard the task may seem, if you stick to it, you will adjust! It’s human nature; it’s the way your mind works. You will adapt automatically. Stick to it and do your best. Anytime I face a tough task, I remember the above experience, and I know I’ll get through it.

7 Tips To Help You Get Through Your Challenging Tasks:

1. Say, I’ll stick to this and do the best I can. It will get more comfortable in a few days, and I’ll be good at it in a few weeks!

2. Remember that you’ll adjust with time. Don’t rush it, and give it the time it needs!

3. Notice how you’re adjusting after a couple of weeks. You’ll notice that the challenging task is getting easier.

4. Remember when you had a challenging task in the past. Did you get through it? Are you okay now? This is just another one of those times. You’ll get through it.

5. Keep in mind that others have done this, and so can you.

6. Keep in mind that learning something new feels strange, is hard to adjust to, and is a slow process.

7. Play mind games. Think of the outcomes if you don’t do this task. How will it affect you?

Some jobs seem impossible! It all takes time, patience, and persistence. Keep at it, and you’ll get through it, and you’ll be surprised at what you can do!

That’s The Way I See It!
Acey Gaspard

Action Steps For Getting Through Challenging Tasks

1. Dedicate to completing the task, no matter how long it takes.

2. Review the seven above tips from time to time to help you keep moving forward.


  • Challenging tasks—they are a part of life and a part of doing business. Either you do them, or you avoid them.
  • No matter how hard the task may seem, if you stick to your challenging task, you will adjust!
  • Stick to it and do your best.
  • Don’t rush it, and give it the time it needs!
  • You’ll notice that the challenging task is getting more comfortable with time and persistence.