Here Are Some Tips to Deal With People You Dislike

June 8, 2018 235 views

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How to Deal With People You Dislike

In this article, I’m going to offer a few simple tips that can you conduct business with people you dislike, and make those business relationships tolerable.

The essence of business relationships is people. The first thing you must do is understand that no two people are alike. They are unique, and so are you. These differences do have a purpose.

The individuality in each one of us is what brings variety to the world. Imagine if everyone thought the same, looked the same, dressed the same, and spoke the same. What would this world be?

The next time you see someone you don’t like, be glad! And remember they bring variety in the world. Don’t try to make people think the way you do. Try that, and you’ll have a hard time because you’re trying to change something natural. You’d be trying to remove the diversity from the world.

You may be thinking, “I don’t try to change anyone,” but when you want someone to act differently, you are trying to get them to change. Once you accept that it’s natural for people to be unique, you can allow them to be as they are and accept that, rather than getting them to change. Think of it as a learning experience, because the better you can get along with people you dislike, the better you’ll handle your business relationships.

Below are six tips to keep in mind when you have to deal with someone that you don’t like. These tips will help you see things from a different perspective. They won’t make you instantly like the person, but they will allow you to remove some of the negativity, which is a key to better business relationships.

Tip No.1:

Keep in mind that people who are challenging to deal with, make you a stronger person by developing better communication skills and increasing your patience and understanding.

Tip No.2:

Remember that the person you dislike may also have a hard time dealing with you.

Tip No.3:

The person you’re dealing with could be emotionally in pain, and that’s why he is so hard to get along with. Show some kindness, it can’t hurt.

Tip No.4:

The person you’re dealing with has a life just like you; they have a goal. They are on a mission, just like you. So remember you have to look at both sides of the business relationship.

Tip No.5:

Allow people to live their lives as they choose, not as you want them to.

Tip No.6:

Trying to change people is a waste of time. People will only try to change if the change is what they want.

A Simple Exercise to Remove Negativity

Now I will offer a simple exercise that will help you remove the negativity from working relationships. Use it any time you want to build better business relationships.

No matter how bad people may seem, there is always something good you can find in them. The key is focusing on the positive by recording those traits on paper or on your computer.

1. Take out a fresh piece of paper or open a new file with your word processor.

2. Write “The Things I Like About” and fill in the person’s name.

I’ll use my name as an example: The Things I like About Acey Gaspard.

  • He buys many products from me.
  • He pays on time.
  • He has never asked for a discount.
  • He has never had a return.
  • He calls ahead of time to place an order, so I’m not rushed.
  • He makes me focus on customer service and that benefits other customers.
  • He’s knowledge in regards to the products he buys

In this example, we didn’t write what we don’t like, because we want to focus on the positive. Our goal here is not to change the person, we just want to focus on the positive and make our business relationship a more tolerant one.

This exercise will help you move towards a better, healthier, and more tolerable business relationship. I hope the next time you meet with a person you don’t like, see things from a different perspective. Use these tips often, and you’ll find you’ll automatically build better business relationships.

That’s The Way I See It!
Acey Gaspard