Finding a Suitable Expert and What You Must Avoid

June 8, 2018 310 views

What to Know About Dealing With Experts

Depending on your business, staying up to date with what’s new requires, “how-to” information. You can either try to figure it out yourself or take a shortcut, which involves the use of other people’s knowledge. Doing it this way shortens your learning curve and allows you to benefit from other people’s experiences!

The question now is who the best person to take advice from is? That person would be someone knowledgeable in your field, have the experience, and a proven track record. You may refer to this person as an expert, coach, specialist, mentor, consultant, or whatever you want to call him or her.

We need people like this to help us get started and to move forward, especially with anything we know little about.

What To Avoid From The Experts

1. Someone Who Jumps From One Topic to the Next:

You need someone dedicated, not someone who claims to be an expert today in one field and is off to something else tomorrow. Note that there are experts who specialize in more than one field, which is acceptable. I like to avoid those that jump from topic to topic, looking for the next best thing to promote.

2. Someone Who Tries to Sell You Everything Under the Sun:

Referring products and services is an excellent way for an expert to create extra revenue, and it’s a great asset for people who are buying the products. It’s a win-win situation. I don’t like someone who is continually recommending something like it’s the greatest thing that ever happened. Then, in a couple of weeks, something better comes out, and it’s a continuing, never-ending loop. Soon this will exhaust the people buying, and the expert loses credibility.

3. Someone Without a Track Record:

You don’t need someone who is inexperienced and claims to be an expert. One of the main benefits of using an expert is to benefit from his or her experience!

4. Someone Unfocused:

Some experts are good at what they do, but their downfall is that they are unfocused in their teachings. They take you down many different routes, and you quickly become lost and confused. With a good teacher, you have successful students. With a poor teacher, you have weak students.

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