Follow Up on Your Leads or Someone Else Will

June 7, 2018 187 views

Customer Acquisition Isn’t Easy

How many times have you failed to follow up with a prospect that wanted more information?

Have you ever procrastinated to the point that a couple of weeks have passed and you still haven’t contacted your potential customer? By then, you may have felt you couldn’t get back to them because too much time has gone by. There goes another customer down the tubes and new customer acquisition looks like the better choice.

Reply To Your Prospects

A lead asking for more information is a potential customer. They’ve already taken the action to call you or contact you. If the customer is in the buying mood why not give them what they want? Failure to reply to a prospect promptly will destroy your credibility.

Give Interested People The Information They Want

Recently I was ready to make a purchase and needed some additional information. I wrote a detailed message to the company explaining what I needed. I received a one-sentence reply that answered none of my questions. I said to myself, “Does this company really want my business? And more importantly, do I really want their product?”

Reply in A Timely Manner

In another incident, I needed to hire a company to do some work for me.

I filled in the required data and submitted the form as requested. I was ready and willing to spend $1,250 to get the work done.

One year later I still have not heard from the company. This particular company was recommended to me and they were supposed to be very reputable.

Why did they go to all the trouble of setting up a business if they do not take care of following up when someone shows interest? If you don’t take care of following up on leads, someone else will gladly take your place and the business you turn away.

That’s The Way I See It!
Acey Gaspard