Don’t Brag, Let Your Customers Do It For You

June 7, 2018 113 views

Image of two people sitting and talkingIt’s important to think positively. After all, shouldn’t you believe you are the best at what you do? In order to succeed, you must believe in yourself and in our business.

Although it’s good to think this way, you should never proclaim it in your advertising and risk alienating your customers.

Tooting Your Own Horn:

To illustrate my point, imagine meeting a beautiful woman. You know she’s beautiful, and she knows she’s beautiful, right? Now imagine you ask her out and she says yes. During your time together she keeps proclaiming that she is the most beautiful woman you will ever meet, that she is one of the greatest creatures God has ever created and that when in this relationship takes off you will never want to look at another woman.

How would these proclamations make you feel? Many of us would be instantly turned off and would probably head in the other direction because those statements make the beauty turn sour and it becomes difficult to sense any beauty at all.

Unfortunately, many ads make these very same types of assertions. To hear this for yourself, simply turn on your radio. “Your only source for traffic information.” Do you think we’re stupid? There are thousands of sources! Another classic is “Your number one station for news and information.” Who says you’re number one?

Consumers Aren’t Stupid:

Consumers are smart. They know that just because you say you’re the best doesn’t mean you are the best. It means you have nothing to say! Let’s face it: competition is at an all-time high. Consumers have many choices and they’re the ones who decide who is the best. Let’s befriend the people receiving our messages, not irritate them!

Show Your Greatness

Instead of proclaiming your greatness, show it, prove it, and practice it. Let the customer draw his own conclusions. Find an approach that causes your customer to proclaim that you are the best.

When that type of testimonial comes from your customers, it’s a thousand times more effective than any declaration you could possibly make for yourself. So let’s strive to be the best at what we do, but avoid proclaiming it. Instead, let’s allow the marketplace to proclaim it for us!

That’s The Way I See It!
Acey Gaspard
A Touch of Business.com