Here’s an Example of How Timing Can Affect Your Decisions

June 7, 2018 291 views

Timing and Decisions

Have you ever driven down a busy city street and found yourself having to stop at every light? Then on another day, you drive down the same street, and all the lights are green. It’s all about timing. Just as timing is essential in life, it’s also important in business!

Before making any business decision, you must ask yourself, “Is this the right time?” Making a habit of this would help you avoid many problems. Having “perfect timing” would allow you to take advantage of a wealth of opportunities.

Imagine having a great idea that you’re ready to introduce to the market, but you decide to wait because you feel you can make it a bit better. It takes you another month to refine your idea, and again you’re ready to implement it, but you still want to make improvements. That takes you two more weeks.

Finally, you’re satisfied that it’s ready. You’re about to introduce your great idea to the world only to discover that someone else has just beaten you to it. Your timing was off.

Sometimes it’s better to introduce a slightly inferior product that can be improved rather than waiting too long and having someone else gain the majority of the market share.

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