How To Treat Your Customers During A Strong Economy

June 7, 2018 307 views

How Do You Treat Your Customers?

The economy is in great shape, but we are in desperate need of a recession!

I can hear you saying, “This guy is nuts!”

The fact is that when we become used to many years of prosperity and a strong economy, customer service suffers to an embarrassing degree.

Have you ever gone to a store where you had to struggle to get an employee’s attention, and when you finally did, you felt as if you were intruding?

It has to do with the law of supply and demand. One lost or unhappy customer isn’t a big deal. The economy is good, interest rates are low, and everyone is buying. A new customer will come along soon.

Back in the 80’s interest rates went up to over 24%. In those days, business owners dared not abuse a customer. Their customers were valuable to them. They knew they had to make sure their customers were satisfied. They needed their customers for their business to survive!

Today, it’s different. It’s like nobody cares. Especially after they have made the sale. If there is a problem, the person in charge comes up with ridiculous excuses or passes you on to 1-800 number.

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