Increase Your Sales By Making Your Products User-Friendly

June 8, 2018 309 views

When You Make Your Products User-Friendly, You Also Improve Customer Satisfaction

User-friendly products result in more sales and fewer returns. In this article, making your products user-friendly has nothing to do with redesigning your product; it has to do with showing your customer how to use it. With today’s technology, creating a video is much easier and much more cost-effective than it used to be.

Here’s an experience I’ll share with you. I purchased a George Foreman spin deep fryer. It’s supposed to spin 55% of the fat off the food after the food is deep-fried.

Well, getting it out of the box was a task in itself. If it wasn’t for the cardboard I saw inside the fryer, I wouldn’t have known to unpack all of it, because I wouldn’t have known there were parts in the deep fryer.

After figuring out how to unpack it and set it up, I couldn’t figure out how the spinner worked. I read the instruction manual and kept wondering who wrote the manual. Finally, I got fed up and turned to YouTube.

After a quick search, I found an instructional video for the fryer! One two-minute video and that’s all it took. I now could use the product with little effort. Otherwise, I was considering taking it back for a refund because I didn’t need the complications.

Take One More Small Step

Companies go to a lot of expense in developing, testing manufacturing, and packaging their products. Why not go one step further and create videos to help the consumer unpack, set up, and use the product? This would dramatically improve the ease of use for the customer, not to mention the ability to use features most people don’t bother to read about in the manual.

Offering an instructional video could also increase future sales because a past customer would know that the company has videos to help them use the product. Making products user-friendly affects the buying decision because you have made the setup and use of the product, simple.

Today’s Technology Makes Creating and Delivering Demonstrations Simple

With today’s technology, you could easily package your product with a link to an online video. Considering all the costs involved in creating a product and marketing it, it doesn’t make sense to miss this last piece.

If you want to take this one step further, have some of the developers demonstrate how to use the product because when they do, they’ll find things that can be improved in upcoming products.

If you have an excellent product and people have trouble using it, it’s no longer a superior product!

Make it easy to understand how to use your product, and your sales will increase, you will reduce unnecessary returns, and improve your brand.

That’s the way I see it.
Acey Gaspard