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The Life and Times of Craig Menear

Personal Roots: A Michigan Boyhood

Craig Menear’s story begins around 1958 in the hard-working city of Flint, Michigan.

His father, a skilled tool and die maker for General Motors, instilled in him an appreciation for craftsmanship and hard work.

These early influences would shape Menear’s future and lay a foundation for his impressive career.

Educational Journey: From Flint to Business Acumen

Menear’s educational path started at Flint Central High School, where he graduated in 1975.

Craig then ventured to Michigan State University, where he honed his business acumen at the Eli Broad College of Business, culminating in his graduation in 1979.

Retail Odyssey: Early Career Steps

After university, Menear navigated various roles in retail.

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His early career included stints at Montgomery Ward, Builders Emporium, and a distribution manager role at IKEA. These experiences were instrumental in developing his understanding of the retail landscape.

Home Depot: The Rise to Leadership

1997 marked a pivotal year as Menear joined Home Depot. His ascent was steady and impactful, and he became the executive vice president of merchandising in 2007.

Craig’s crowning achievement came in November 2014, when he climbed to the role of CEO, a position he held until March 2022. Additionally, he took on the chairman role in February 2015.

Financial Highlights: A Lucrative Tenure

At the financial helm, Menear’s leadership was profitable. In 2016 alone, he earned a handsome $11.5 million, underscoring his value to the company.

A New Era: Passing the Baton at Home Depot

2022 saw a change in leadership at Home Depot. Menear stepped down as CEO and President, passing the torch to Ted Decker, but continued contributing as chairman.

Philanthropy and Civic Engagement: Beyond Business

Menear’s reach extended beyond corporate confines.

He generously supported Michigan State University and engaged in various initiatives through Home Depot, like the Political Action Committee and a disaster relief fund, showcasing his commitment to societal betterment.

Family Life: A Tale of Continuity

Menear’s personal life is a testament to stability and long-standing bonds.

Married to his junior high sweetheart, Dawn, the couple shares a bond that began in grade school. They have nurtured a family with two daughters, epitomizing familial continuity.

Early Career Reflections: Diverse Beginnings

Reflecting on his early career, Menear’s journey through Montgomery Ward, IKEA, and Builders Emporium provided him with a diverse experience portfolio, setting the stage for his later accomplishments.

Career Milestones: A Steady Ascent at Home Depot

Significant milestones mark his tenure at Home Depot. Rising from an entry position in 1997 to executive VP in 2007 and eventually CEO, his journey is a narrative of steady progression and strategic foresight.

Interests and Skills: The Making of a Leader

An entrepreneurial spirit underpins Menear’s leadership, ignited in childhood with a lawn care business.

Craig’s interest in home improvement fostered through projects with his father, translated into a successful career trajectory.

Political and Community Involvement: A Balanced Approach

Politically, Menear navigated a balanced path, supporting both Republican and Democratic candidates.

His community involvement, including work with the Atlanta Committee for Progress and the Salvation Army, highlights his commitment to civic responsibility.

Mentorship and Relocation: Keys to Success

Menear attributes much of his success to mentorship. His relocation to Atlanta, aligning with Home Depot’s headquarters, signifies his dedication to career growth and corporate allegiance.

Leadership Transition and Legacy

As Menear transitioned from his CEO role, he left a legacy of growth and innovation—his endorsement of Ted Decker as his successor reflects confidence in the continued prosperity of Home Depot.

Home Depot’s Strategic Vision Under Menear

Under Menear’s stewardship, Home Depot invested significantly in supply chain and e-commerce, anticipating market trends—his expansion plans, including opening 150 supply chain facilities, aimed to revolutionize delivery efficiency.

Market Impact: A Legacy of Growth

Home Depot’s stock market performance, with shares closing at $356.43 and a 30% increase over 12 months, is a testament to Menear’s effective leadership and strategic vision.

Craig Menear’s journey from a Michigan boyhood to a corporate luminary exemplifies the power of perseverance, strategic thinking, and an unwavering commitment to business excellence and community well-being.


Key Points and Facts

Craig Menear: A Snapshot

Personal Background

  • Birth Year: Around 1958
  • Hometown: Flint, Michigan, USA
  • Family Heritage: Son of a General Motors tool and die maker

Educational Foundation

  • High School: Flint Central High School, class of 1975
  • University: Michigan State University, Eli Broad College of Business, alumnus of 1979

Early Career Path

  • Initial Roles: Worked at Montgomery Ward, Builders Emporium, and IKEA as a distribution manager
  • Retail Foundation: Gained extensive retail experience post-graduation

Home Depot Odyssey

  • Joining Date: 1997
  • Leadership Evolution: Rose to Executive VP of Merchandising in 2007, CEO from 2014 to 2022, and Chairman since 2015
  • Financial Milestone: Earned $11.5 million in 2016

Transition at Home Depot

  • Leadership Change: Stepped down as CEO in 2022, succeeded by Ted Decker, but remained as chairman

Civic Engagement and Contributions

  • Philanthropy: Donated to Michigan State University
  • Community Support: Involved with Home Depot’s Political Action Committee and disaster relief efforts

Personal Life

  • Marriage: Married to Dawn since junior high school; met in grade school
  • Family: Father of two daughters

Professional Trajectory

  • Career Start: Began at Montgomery Ward post-college
  • Subsequent Positions: Roles at Ikea and Builders Emporium
  • Climb at Home Depot: Progressed from entry-level to top leadership

Interests and Entrepreneurship

  • Childhood Business: Started a lawn care business, purchasing his first car with the earnings
  • Passion for Improvement: Interest in home improvement inspired by projects with his father

Political and Social Involvement

  • Political Participation: Contributed to both Republican and Democratic campaigns
  • Community Roles: Active in the Atlanta Committee for Progress and the Salvation Army

Mentorship and Personal Growth

  • Guidance: Attributes success to mentorship throughout his career
  • Family Move: Relocated to Atlanta for proximity to Home Depot’s headquarters

Leadership Evolution

  • Successor: Ted Decker, with a 22-year tenure at Home Depot
  • Previous Roles: Held various executive positions at Home Depot

Corporate Strategy and Performance

  • Pandemic Growth: Saw significant growth during the pandemic era
  • Fiscal Health: Consistent growth, including in recent fiscal quarters
  • Future Outlook: Focused on sustaining sales amid economic challenges

Menear’s Vision and Impact

  • Confidence in Successor: Supported Ted Decker’s leadership capabilities
  • Investment Strategies: Focused on supply chain and e-commerce
  • Expansion Initiatives: Invested $1.2 billion in supply chain facilities

Stock Market Influence

  • Home Depot Shares: Closed at $356.43, marking a 30% increase over a year


Craig Menear

Craig Menear: A Timeline

Early Years

  • Around 1958: Born in Flint, Michigan, USA. Son of a General Motors tool and die maker.

Educational Milestones

  • 1975: Graduated from Flint Central High School.
  • 1979: Earned a degree from Michigan State University, Eli Broad College of Business.

Career Beginnings

  • Post-1979: Worked at Montgomery Ward, Builders Emporium, and as a distribution manager for IKEA.

Home Depot Journey

  • 1997: Joined Home Depot.
  • 2007: Rose to Executive Vice President of Merchandising.
  • November 2014: Appointed as CEO.
  • February 2015: Assumed role of Chairman.
  • 2016: Earned a salary of $11.5 million.
  • March 2022: Stepped down as CEO and President, replaced by Ted Decker, but continued as Chairman.

Civic Engagement

  • Actively involved in donations and support for Michigan State University.
  • Contributed to the Home Depot Political Action Committee and disaster relief initiatives.

Personal Life

  • Married to his wife, Dawn, since junior high school; they met in grade school.

Additional Highlights

  • Childhood: Started a lawn care business, buying his first car with the profits.
  • Adult Life: Moved to Atlanta with his family, closer to Home Depot’s headquarters.

Recent Developments

  • 2018 Onwards: Led Home Depot’s $1.2 billion investment in supply chain facilities.
  • Recent Years: Home Depot shares closed at $356.43, marking a 30% increase over 12 months.


Teachable Lessons from Craig Menear’s Life

Embrace a Strong Work Ethic from an Early Age

  • Start Young: Menear’s entrepreneurial journey began with a childhood lawn care business, showcasing the value of initiative and hard work.
  • Lesson: Starting early in developing a work ethic can set the foundation for future success.

The Value of Diverse Experiences

  • Variety in Career: Before joining Home Depot, Menear’s career spanned several retailers, including Montgomery Ward, IKEA, and Builders Emporium.
  • Lesson: Gaining diverse experiences across different roles and industries can provide a broader perspective and valuable skills, enhancing adaptability and problem-solving abilities.

Commitment to Continuous Growth and Leadership

  • Ascending the Ranks: Joining Home Depot in 1997, Menear steadily climbed the corporate ladder, eventually becoming CEO and Chairman.
  • Lesson: Dedication to continuous learning and growth is crucial for leadership development. Embracing every role as an opportunity to learn and contribute can lead to significant career advancements.


Frequently Asked Questions about Craig Menear

Where was Craig Menear born?

  • Craig Menear was born around 1958 in Flint, Michigan, USA.

What was Menear’s early family life like?

  • His father worked as a tool and die maker for General Motors, which likely instilled in Menear a sense of craftsmanship and industry from a young age.

What is known about Menear’s education?

  • Menear graduated from Flint Central High School in 1975. He then attended Michigan State University, graduating from the Eli Broad College of Business in 1979.

Can you describe Menear’s early career?

  • After graduating, Menear worked at several retailers, including Montgomery Ward, Builders Emporium, and as a distribution manager for IKEA. These roles provided a broad foundation in retail management.

When did Menear join Home Depot, and what were his roles there?

  • Menear joined Home Depot in 1997. He became the executive vice president of merchandising in 2007, CEO in November 2014, and chairman in February 2015.

How much did Menear earn as CEO of Home Depot?

  • In 2016, Craig Menear’s salary was $11.5 million, reflecting his significant contributions to the company.

Did Menear step down from his CEO position at Home Depot?

  • Yes, he stepped down as CEO and President in March 2022, succeeded by Ted Decker, but continued his involvement as chairman.

What are some of Menear’s contributions outside of his corporate role?

  • Menear has donated to Michigan State University and supported various initiatives through Home Depot, like the Political Action Committee and a disaster relief fund.

What about Menear’s personal life?

  • Menear has married Dawn since junior high school. They have two daughters and share a strong family bond.

Did Menear have any other interests or hobbies?

  • From a young age, he exhibited an entrepreneurial spirit, starting a lawn care business and developing an interest in home improvement through projects with his father.

What were Menear’s political and civic activities?

  • He contributed to the Home Depot Political Action Committee, supporting Republican and Democratic candidates, and was actively involved with the Atlanta Committee for Progress and the Salvation Army.

How did Menear view his successor, Ted Decker?

  • Menear expressed confidence in Decker’s ability to guide Home Depot through its next growth phase, highlighting his trust in Decker’s leadership capabilities.

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