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The Life Story of Garrett Camp

Garrett Camp: A Personal Glimpse

Brief Introduction:

Garrett Camp, born on October 4, 1978, in Calgary, Alberta, is more than just a billionaire entrepreneur.

While the world knows him for founding StumbleUpon and co-founding Uber, the story of his life is a rich tapestry of experiences, values, and passions.


Garrett’s early years in Calgary were shaped by a family immersed in both the arts and the sciences.

His father, an economist, and his mother, an artist, later ventured into home building. This diverse environment must have nurtured his dual passions for technology and creativity.


Garrett’s academic journey began at the University of Calgary, where he pursued a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, completing it in 2001.

His thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there. Continuing at the same institution, he delved deeper into the world of technology, earning an M.Sc. in Software Engineering by 2005.

Garrett Camp: Innovator, Disruptor, and Visionary Entrepreneur


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The Genesis of Discovery:

The Spark of Innovation In the midst of graduate school in 2001, Garrett Camp’s innovative spirit shone brightly with the launch of StumbleUpon, an online discovery platform.

With its unique approach to content discovery, the platform quickly captivated users.

Scaling Heights By 2006, StumbleUpon was drawing attention from Silicon Valley’s elite. Securing a substantial $1.2 million from angel investors, the platform was on an upward trajectory.

Its growth was so pronounced that by 2007, eBay Inc. saw its potential, leading to a $75 million acquisition.

However, Camp’s passion for his creation remained unyielding. In 2009, he reacquired StumbleUpon, ensuring its independence.

By 2012, StumbleUpon had amassed an impressive 25 million users, proving its dominance in the content discovery realm.

The Transition to Mix Though StumbleUpon shut its doors in 2018, its legacy lived on.

Its user accounts found a new home at Mix.com, a testament to Camp’s commitment to innovation and user experience.

“The bigger a company gets, the more people are involved in decisions, the slower decisions get made. Look, the whole theory of startups is that three motivated people can go and do something that every company can’t.” ~ Garrett Camp

Uber: Revolutionizing Urban Mobility:

From a Parisian Predicament to a Global Phenomenon One evening in Paris, 2008, Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick faced a simple yet frustrating problem: they couldn’t find a taxi. This challenge sparked an idea.

By 2009, UberCab, which later became the ubiquitous Uber, was founded. San Francisco witnessed its maiden Uber ride in 2010, and the urban transportation landscape was forever altered.

Variants and Expansion Camp’s vision for Uber was expansive. By 2012, he introduced new variants like UberX and UberSUV, ensuring options for every user.

Further cementing its position, Uber went public in 2019, although Camp bid farewell to the board in March 2020, marking the end of an era.

“Every time I make a mistake with a company, I write it out and try to figure out why it happened.” ~ Garrett Camp

Expa: Breeding Ground for Innovation:

A New Venture for New Ventures With a penchant for fostering new ideas, Camp introduced Expa in 2013. Expa serves as a startup studio, committed to aiding innovative founders in bringing their products to life.

To its credit, Expa has launched or invested in over 30 ventures, raising a staggering $1 billion in the process. One notable product of Expa is Mix.com, a seamless transition for StumbleUpon users.

The Eco Initiative In 2018, Camp announced Eco, initially envisioned as a cryptocurrency.

However, by the subsequent year, its evolution saw it transform into a fintech platform in collaboration with Beam.io.

“I’m interested in sites that help people find information and filter what’s available. The Internet is so big that no one can stay on top of everything.” ~ Garrett Camp

Accolades and Recognitions:

An Innovator’s Hall of Fame Garrett Camp’s journey, filled with disruptive technologies, hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2007, MIT’s Emerging Technologies Conference recognized him as a top innovator under 35.

Bloomberg Businessweek followed suit in 2008, spotlighting him as one of Tech’s Best Young Entrepreneurs.

His work with both StumbleUpon and Uber earned him honors at the 2013 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards.

From panel discussions to interviews with major media outlets, Camp’s insights and expertise are continually sought after.

“If I had it to do over, I might have finished school first, then devoted all my time to StumbleUpon instead of dividing my time between the two. In the end, however, it was probably good to take the time I did.” ~ Garrett Camp

The Man Behind The Ventures :

Garrett Camp’s ventures, from StumbleUpon to Uber and Expa, have consistently challenged the status quo, making him a force to be reckoned with in the tech industry.

As of 2021, Forbes recognized his efforts, ranking him No. 655 on their global billionaires list.

With a net worth hovering around $3.4 billion, Camp’s influence in the world of technology is undeniable.

Yet, beyond the numbers and accolades, it’s his unwavering commitment to innovation and disruption that truly sets him apart.

“I definitely see a correlation between how many things a company gets right and how fast a company grows.” ~ Garrett Camp

Interests and Hobbies:

Apart from his entrepreneurial ventures, Garrett’s interests span various domains.

Innovating from his graduate school days, he’s also been involved in a range of tech conferences, serving as a panel member and judge, and being recognized at notable events such as the Emerging Technologies Conference of MIT.

Additionally, he’s spoken at Wireless Influencers & SXSW and has been featured in numerous media outlets, showcasing a deep engagement with the broader tech community.

“If you know what you want, you use Google. But if you don’t know what you want, and you want to be surprised and find something you didn’t expect, we want you come to StumbleUpon. Really, that idea of being a discovery engine versus a search engine.” ~ Garrett Camp

Family Life:

While specific details about his immediate family remain private, it’s evident that Garrett’s parents played a significant role in shaping his worldview.

The influence of an economist father and artist mother likely contributed to his unique blend of business acumen and creative vision.


More than just his business achievements, Garrett is deeply committed to making the world a better place. As of August 2021, with a net worth of around $3.4 billion, he wasn’t content with just amassing wealth.

He initiated the Camp Foundation, directing efforts towards research in infrastructure, sustainability, and conservation projects.

Currently, the foundation has set its sights on supporting Every.org. Moreover, Garrett’s commitment to giving back is further emphasized by his decision to join The Giving Pledge in 2017.


Garrett Camp’s life is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and a deep-seated desire to contribute to the greater good.

Beyond the successful startups and billion-dollar valuations lies a man profoundly shaped by his upbringing, education, and personal values.

While the world sees him as a tech mogul, those who look closer will find a multi-dimensional individual committed to innovation, growth, and philanthropy.


Key Points and Facts

Early Life and Education:

  • Born on October 4, 1978, in Calgary, Alberta.
  • B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and M.Sc. in Software Engineering from the University of Calgary.
  • Parents: His father was an economist, and his mother was an artist, who later became home builders.


  • Co-founded StumbleUpon in November 2001 during his graduate school.
  • The platform moved to San Francisco in 2006.
  • Secured $1.2 million in funding in 2006 from angel investors.
  • Acquired by eBay for $75 million in 2007.
  • Bought back by Camp in 2009 and again in 2015.
  • Boasted 25 million users by 2012.
  • Camp stepped down as CEO around mid-2012.
  • Transitioned to Mix.com in 2018.


  • Co-founded UberCab (later renamed Uber) with Travis Kalanick in 2009.
  • Idea originated when they couldn’t find a taxi in Paris in 2008.
  • Launched in San Francisco in 2010.
  • Introduced variations like UberX, Uber SUV, and UberTAXI in 2012.
  • Ride-sharing option introduced in early 2013.
  • Went public in 2019.
  • Camp resigned from the board in March 2020.


  • Founded Expa in May 2013, a startup studio to assist innovative founders.
  • Expa launched or invested in 30+ ventures, raising over $1 billion.
  • Camp also launched Mix.com in October 2015.


  • Announced Eco as a cryptocurrency in 2018.
  • Transitioned to a fintech platform with Beam.io by 2019.

Wealth and Philanthropy:

  • Estimated net worth of $3.4 billion as of August 2021 and $2.7 billion as of November 2022.
  • Ranked No. 655 on Forbes’ global billionaires for 2021.
  • Started the Camp Foundation for infrastructure, sustainability, and conservation projects.
  • Joined The Giving Pledge in 2017.
  • Purchased a mansion in Beverly Hills for $72.5 million in 2019.

Other Achievements and Honors:

  • Named a Top Innovator under 35 by MIT’s Technology Review in 2007.
  • Best Young Entrepreneur by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2008.
  • Honored at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards in 2013.
  • Invested in multiple startups like Prism Skylabs, BlackJet, and others.
  • Active in conferences, media interviews, and radio shows.

Additional Information:

  • Canadian billionaire entrepreneur.
  • Served as chairman for both StumbleUpon and Uber.
  • Co-founded StumbleUpon and Uber.
  • Portrayed by Jon Bass in the 2022 series “Super Pumped”.
  • Currently resides in Los Angeles.


Garrett Camp

Here’s a timeline for Garrett Camp based on the information you provided:

Garrett Camp Timeline


  • Born in Calgary, Alberta on October 4th.


  • Attends University of Calgary for B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering.


  • Continues studies at the University of Calgary for an M.Sc. in Software Engineering.


  • Co-launches StumbleUpon in November during graduate school.


  • Co-founds StumbleUpon.


  • StumbleUpon secures $1.2 million in funding from Silicon Valley Angels and moves to San Francisco.


  • StumbleUpon is acquired by eBay Inc for $75 million.
  • Garrett is named to the List of Top Innovators under 35 by Technology Review’s Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT.
  • Named one of Tech’s Best Young Entrepreneurs by Bloomberg Businessweek.


  • Garrett’s idea for Uber is sparked when he and Travis Kalanick couldn’t find a taxi in Paris.


  • StumbleUpon becomes independent again.
  • Garrett co-founds UberCab (later renamed Uber) with Travis Kalanick.


  • Uber launches in San Francisco.
  • The first Uber ride takes place in San Francisco.


  • Uber expands across the US and abroad.


  • StumbleUpon reaches 25 million users.
  • Garrett introduces Uber variants: UberX and Uber SUV.
  • Uber is ranked among the Top 10 companies by Forbes.
  • Garrett steps down as CEO of StumbleUpon around mid-year.


  • Garrett founds Expa in May.
  • Launches a ride-sharing option for Uber in early 2013.
  • Uber is listed as the 6th Most Innovative Company of 2013 by Fast Company.
  • Honored at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards.
  • Serves as a panel member and judge at DEMO Mobile in San Francisco.


  • Founds Expa Labs.


  • Garrett buys back a majority stake in StumbleUpon in August.
  • Garrett’s net worth is estimated to be US$5.3 billion, making him the third-richest Canadian.
  • Launches Mix.com in October.


  • Joins The Giving Pledge.
  • Travis Kalanick resigns as Uber’s CEO.


  • Garrett announces Eco, a cryptocurrency.
  • StumbleUpon shuts down and accounts are transferred to Mix.


  • Eco becomes a fintech platform with Beam.io.
  • Uber goes public on May 9th.
  • Buys a mansion in Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills for $72.5 million in June.


  • Garrett resigns from Uber’s board in March but remains a board observer.


  • Garrett’s net worth is around $3.4 billion as of August.
  • Ranked No. 655 on Forbes magazine’s list of global billionaires.


  • As of November, his net worth is US$2.7 billion.
  • Portrayed by actor Jon Bass in the drama series “Super Pumped” based on Uber.

Throughout his career, Garrett Camp has been recognized for his disruptive innovations and technological advancements.

His ventures, like StumbleUpon and Uber, have fundamentally shifted user behaviors and have been key players in the tech industry.


Life Lessons

Teachable Lessons from the Life of Garrett Camp

1. Embrace Change and Innovation

Garrett Camp’s journey is marked by the constant evolution of ideas, from StumbleUpon to Uber and then to Expa. He didn’t just stick to one idea but continued to innovate, adapting to the changing needs of the digital world.

2. Never Hesitate to Pivot

When eBay acquired StumbleUpon, rather than taking a back seat, Camp spun it out again when he felt it was right. Similarly, StumbleUpon’s transformation into Mix shows his ability to pivot and adapt.

3. Challenges Can Lead to Opportunities

Camp’s inability to find a taxi in Paris led to the revolutionary idea of Uber. This teaches us that often the challenges we face can become the birthplace of groundbreaking ideas.

4. The Value of Persistence

Uber wasn’t an overnight success. It faced challenges, regulatory battles, and criticisms, yet Camp persisted, leading the company to global domination in the ride-hailing industry.

5. The Power of Collaboration

While Camp had the idea for Uber after a personal experience, it was his collaboration with Travis Kalanick that brought the concept to life. The synergy between the two co-founders played a crucial role in Uber’s success.

6. Recognize the Importance of Giving Back

Despite amassing significant wealth, Camp remains committed to philanthropy. His initiation of the Camp Foundation and joining The Giving Pledge highlight the importance of using one’s resources to make a positive impact on the world.

7. Stay Humble and Grounded

Amidst all his successes and the accolades he received, Camp has maintained a low profile. His consistent dedication to work, rather than seeking the limelight, sets an example for emerging entrepreneurs.

8. Diversification is Key

From a discovery platform like StumbleUpon to a ride-hailing service like Uber and then to a startup incubator like Expa, Camp has ventured into diverse domains, showing the significance of not putting all your eggs in one basket.

9. Value Education and Continuous Learning

Camp’s academic background laid a strong foundation for his ventures. It shows the importance of formal education combined with continuous learning in the entrepreneurial journey.

10. Stay Resilient Amidst Criticism

The purchase of his mansion drew criticism, especially from Uber drivers. However, Camp continued to focus on his ventures and philanthropic activities, teaching us the value of resilience and focusing on one’s goals amidst external noise.

In summary, Garrett Camp’s life offers a rich tapestry of lessons, from innovation and persistence to collaboration and giving back. His journey reminds us of the endless possibilities that lie ahead when one combines vision, hard work, and a commitment to positive change.


Questions and Answers

FAQ about Garrett Camp

Early Life and Education:

  1. Where was Garrett Camp born?
    • Garrett Camp was born in Calgary, Alberta.
  2. When was Garrett Camp born?
    • Garrett Camp was born on October 4, 1978.
  3. Where did Garrett Camp pursue his undergraduate studies?
    • He earned a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary (1996-2001).
  4. Did Garrett Camp pursue any postgraduate education?
    • Yes, he earned an M.Sc. in Software Engineering from the University of Calgary (2001-2005).
  5. What was significant about Garrett Camp’s time in graduate school?
    • In graduate school, he co-launched StumbleUpon in November 2001.
  6. Can you tell me about Garrett Camp’s parents?
    • His father was an economist and his mother was an artist. Both later became home builders.

Notable Accomplishments:


  1. When did StumbleUpon relocate to San Francisco?
    • StumbleUpon moved to San Francisco in 2006.
  2. How much funding did StumbleUpon secure from angel investors in 2006?
    • StumbleUpon secured $1.2 million in funding from angel investors in 2006.
  3. Who acquired StumbleUpon in 2007 and for how much?
    • Ebay Inc acquired StumbleUpon for $75 million in 2007.
  4. Did Garrett Camp retain ownership of StumbleUpon throughout its existence?
  • Camp bought StumbleUpon back in 2009 and bought back a majority stake in it in August 2015.
  1. What happened to StumbleUpon in 2018?
  • StumbleUpon shut down in 2018, and its accounts were transferred to Mix.


  1. Who did Garrett Camp co-found Uber with?
  • Camp co-founded UberCab (later Uber) with Travis Kalanick in 2009.
  1. When was Uber launched?
  • The service was launched in San Francisco in mid-2010.
  1. What significant variants did Uber introduce in 2012?
  • Uber introduced variants like UberX, Uber SUV, and UberTAXI in 2012.
  1. When did Uber go public?
  • Uber went public on May 9, 2019.
  1. When did Camp resign from Uber’s board?
  • Camp resigned from Uber’s board in March 2020.


  1. What is Expa, and when was it founded?
  • Camp founded Expa in May 2013. Expa has launched or invested in over 30 ventures and raised over $1 billion for them.
  1. Tell me about Mix.com?
  • Camp launched Mix.com in October 2015. StumbleUpon’s accounts were transferred to Mix in 2018.
  1. What is Eco?
  • Camp announced Eco in 2018 as a cryptocurrency. By 2019, Eco became a fintech platform with Beam.io.

Wealth and Philanthropy:

  1. What was Garrett Camp’s net worth as of August 2021?
  • Garrett Camp’s net worth was around $3.4 billion as of August 2021.
  1. Where was Garrett Camp ranked on Forbes magazine’s list of global billionaires for 2021?
  • He is ranked No. 655 on Forbes magazine’s list of global billionaires for 2021.
  1. What is the Camp Foundation?
  • He started the Camp Foundation to support research into infrastructure, sustainability, and conservation projects. The foundation is currently focusing on Every.org.
  1. Has Garrett Camp made any significant property purchases?
  • He bought a mansion in Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills for $72.5 million in June 2019.

Other Facts:

  1. Where did the idea for Uber originate?
  • Camp’s idea for Uber started when he and Travis Kalanick couldn’t find a taxi in Paris in 2008.
  1. What are some of the ventures Garrett Camp has been involved in?
  • Camp’s ventures have been technologically innovative and disruptive, such as StumbleUpon, Uber, Expa, and Eco.
  1. Has Garrett Camp been honored or recognized in the tech industry?
  • Yes, he was named to the List of Top Innovators under 35 in 2007 by Technology Review’s Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT, named one of Tech’s Best Young Entrepreneurs by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2008, and honored at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards in 2013.
  1. Has Garrett Camp made any investments?
  • He has invested and advised several startups, including Prism Skylabs, SoundTracking, WillCall, PS Dept, and Behance.
  1. Where does Garrett Camp currently reside?
  • He currently resides in Los Angeles.
  1. Has Garrett Camp been portrayed in any media or film productions?
  • Yes, he was portrayed by actor Jon Bass in the 2022 drama series “Super Pumped”, based on Uber.

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