The Biography Summary of Arthur Nielsen

June 10, 2018 445 views

Arthur Nielsen

When it comes to market research, no company does it better than the one founded by Arthur Nielsen. Even today, any mention of statistics or data in newspapers, television, or other sources credits A.C. Nielsen for the information.

Arthur Nielsen – How He Started It All

It was in 1923 that the A.C. Nielsen Company was born, ushering in a new era when it came to market research. Nielsen introduced revolutionary methods, raising the bar for the entire industry.

Nielsen came up with performance index surveys which challenged companies when it came to advertising and marketing their goods and services.

Nielsen also adapted marketing products before they are officially launched into the market. In this manner, he believed that changes to the product could be made and cost savings could be experienced before a company commences a full-blown marketing campaign.

Nielsen also believed in random sampling. This was the method employed to gain an accurate picture of the market share of a particular good or service that is being offered. He believed that the market should operate efficiently by keeping tabs on the market share of a product and of gathering quantitative data to prove that the observations taken are on the mark.

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