The Biography Summary of Beatrice Auerbach

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Beatrice Auerbach Quick Bio

Beatrice Auerbach was president of G. Fox & Company, a major department store in the United States. Auerbach was recognized as a pioneer in many fair employment practices.

She is best known for the concept of the five-day workweek and was widely recognized as a civic-minded philanthropist and an innovative business merchandiser.

Beatrice Auerbach – Leadership with a Woman’s Touch

Beatrice Fox came from a well-off family. This young lady attended private boarding schools and traveled often. It was on one of those frequent family trips that Beatrice met and later married George Auerbach. George ran the Auerbach family’s department store in Utah. The couple lived in the Salt Lake City area and had two kids -Dorothy Brooks and Georgette Fox.

A fire destroyed the G. Fox & Company office in Hartford in 1917. Beatrice Auerbach and her husband were persuaded to come back to Hartford after the store was reconstructed. George Auerbach was named secretary-treasurer, playing a key part in the newly rebuilt, bigger store.

In 1927, George Auerbach died. It was at this time that the lady Auerbach’s life had a personal and professional turnaround. Auerbach got involved in the company, initially just part-time. But as the health of her father took a turn for the worse, limiting his activity, Auerbach had greater involvement in the running of the business. She sat as president of the firm when her dad passed away in 1938.

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