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Conde Montrose Nast- Short Biography

Anyone who has read Vogue or Vanity Fair magazine knows the name of the publishing company on the spine – Conde Nast Publications.

Conde Nast purchased Vogue and transformed it into the definitive and authoritative fashion bible that it is today, influencing the style and sensibilities of legions of American women until today.

Conde Nast – The Publishing Wizard

What differentiated Conde Nast from other publishers during his time is that he was less interested in simply selling magazines so that he could boast of high circulation figures. Instead, he focused on creating a niche.

He based on particular interests of the American population and he targeted them through particular magazines. For instance, Vanity Fair gained a readership of urbanites and sophisticates while Home and Garden was for affluent homemakers. After a while, he also added the French and British versions of Vogue to the Conde Nast family of publications.

It was fate when Nast’s mother brought him and his siblings to the United States, where he was educated at Georgetown University. From there, he took a job at Collier’s Weekly, which was owned by the father of Robert Collier, his friend from college. His success with Collier’s Weekly signaled great things to come for Nast: he managed to increase circulation and advertising for the weekly magazine in a short time.

After he purchased Vogue, his career skyrocketed. Nast was also gifted with the ability to hire only the best editors for his magazines, seeing the potential of these editors to create publications that stood out from the rest.

Although the crash of the stock market sent Nast into debt until his death, his influence on the publishing industry is still felt until today. He is proof that talent and hard work combined can create inroads where none existed before and the fact that Conde Nast magazines are still at the top of their game only reinforces that notion.

The Conde Nast Quick Bio

Full name:  Conde Montrose Nast

Birthdate: March 26, 1873 – September 19, 1942

Birthplace: Paris, France

Company: Conde Nast Publications

Industry: Publishing

Key Success Traits:  a true visionary, a pioneering spirit

The last acquisition of Conde Nast Publications was Glamour, which was meant to highlight the Hollywood style.

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