Diane Von Furstenberg – Business Bio Summary

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Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Frustenberg is a fashion designer. With $30,000 in capital, she decided to design clothes for women.

She became famous with her design of the “wrap dress” knitted jersey in 1973.

Later on, this ensemble would be included in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute.

Diane Von Furstenberg Enters Almost Every Avenue of Fashion…

Diane Von Furstenberg was born in Brussels, Belgium with the name Diane Simone Michelle Halfin. Her father was Russian born and her mother was a holocaust survivor. They spent the days of war in Switzerland. There, Diane Von Furstenberg studied economics at the University of Geneva.

In the university, she met Egon Prinz von und zu Furstenberg (Prince Egon von Furstenberg). They got married and moved to New York where they had two children, Alexandre and Tatiana.

Diane Von Furstenberg always wanted to be known on her own merits so with a $30,000 dollar investment, she started designing women’s clothes. In 1973, she designed a knitted jersey “wrap dress” that revolutionized women’s fashion. But by 1980, the wrap dress was edged out by a silhouette that was boxier.

But Diane Von Furstenberg did not stop there. In 1975, she released a perfume called Tatiana, named after her daughter. This fragrance had a light and romantic scent. She also released other products that she licensed under her name – DVF. The products range from luggage to eyewear.

In the next few years of her career, she ventured in different things. In 1976, she opened Madison Avenue Cosmetics and published a book entitled DVF’s Book of Beauty. In 1977 she went into the furnishing business. In the early 1990s, she entered the TV shopping arena.

In 1998, Diane Von Furstenberg re-launched her brand, DVF, and once again the wrap dress sprouted everywhere, ensuring that the DVF brand would stay on top of the fashion world.

The Diane Von Furstenberg Quick Bio

Full Name: Diane Von Furstenberg (Diane Simone Michelle Halfin – maiden name)

Birthdate: December 31, 1946

Birthplace: Brussels, Belgium

Company: DVF

Industry: Fashion

Key Success Traits: indissoluble determination, extremely creative, effective manager, revolutionary thinker


Diane Von Furstenberg is now part of the board of the CFDA or Council of Fashion Designers of America. She has also been named on the board of USA Networks Inc.