The Biography Summary of Dorothy Schiff

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Dorothy Schiff- Short Biography

Dorothy Schiff is credited for her contribution to the journalism industry by changing the way writers wrote news in 1938.

At a time when newspapers contained generally quiet, biased, and safe news, the New York Post burst in the scene to deliver fast and unbiased news.

The icing on the cake was that Schiff was a woman; a successful and powerful woman in an otherwise male-dominated industry.

Dorothy Schiff – New York City’s First Woman Publisher

With the sensationalist style that Dorothy Schiff spearheaded in the journalism industry, one might actually think that to be as opinionated as she was, that she came from a poor to a middle-class background because of the strength of her convictions. Wrong.

Schiff actually came from a very wealthy background. Born into a family of Republicans that were very well off, she had the right education and mingled with the right social circles. In her own words, she considered herself to be first and foremost a socialite and a so-called Republican.

Schiff was just in for the ride and glamour that her social status provided her. In 1931, her whole take on her social status changed. She married George Backer, a writer, a city councilman, and a liberal Democrat. Backer introduced Schiff to the New Deal and the Algonquin Roundtable.

Schiff was thrown in the Democratic route and became a supporter of the Democratic Party and consequently, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Schiff, together with her husband, acquired the New York Post and the rest was history. Dorothy Schiff used the newspapers, as an engine to bring her opinion to  America. She later became New York City’s first-ever woman publisher.

Under Dorothy Schiff, the New York Post prospered and was considered one of the most reputable newspapers at that time. Schiff headed the newspaper for 40 years and used the New York Post as a catalyst for all succeeding newspapers to deliver fast hard and truthful news.

The Dorothy Schiff Quick Bio

Name: Dorothy Schiff

Birthdate: March 11, 1903

Birthplace: New York City

Company: New York Post

Industry: Publishing and Print Media

Key success traits:  highly opinionated, an independent woman, and a woman of conviction.


Aside from being a successful writer and publisher, Dorothy Schiff was also a philanthropist. From 1934 to 1939 Schiff was involved in the Social Welfare Movement and served various movements catering to children and women’s welfare.

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