The Biography Summary of Earl Graves

June 25, 2018 260 views

Earl Graves – Short Biography

Earl Graves wanted to give a voice to his fellow African-Americans.

He fulfilled this dream by establishing Black Enterprise, a publication for the community of black professionals who serve to promote their growing community and their achievements in business and in other fields.

Black Enterprise is an institution recognized in the United States and supported by many business enterprises, including companies belonging to the Fortune 500 list.

Earl Graves – Conquering the Unconventional

Born to parents Earl Goodwin and Winnaford Colette Sealy Graves, Earl Graves grew up in an average African-American family in Bedford Stuyvesant, New York. He studied Economics at the Morgan State University and then was drafted into the Army to serve for two years.

Graves moved on to become an administrative assistant to then-senator Robert F. Kennedy for three years until the senator was shot dead. It was at this time that Graves realized his interest in putting up his own business which will be able to serve the African-American community.

Graves established Black Enterprise, an aptly named publication that aimed to promote black professionals and entrepreneurs to the entire business community. Graves, however, had difficulty at first getting the support and patronage of many black professionals who were already successful in their respective ventures.

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