The Biography Summary of Elizabeth Arden

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Elizabeth Arden – Short Biography

The woman behind the success of personal care and home products Elizabeth Arden. As founder, operator, and owner of the company, Arden wore many hats. She was a spa and salon operator, cosmetics manufacturer, and business executive all in one.

A true business leader, Arden employed modern techniques of mass marketing to bring her cosmetics products to the public’s attention.

Elizabeth Arden – The Look of Success

Success didn’t come easily to Arden. She had to work hard to get it and as such, Arden is a classic example of what one can do when armed with determination and a strong desire to succeed.

Arden was the youngest of five children born to a Scotsman who was a grocer in Canada at the time she was born. By the time she was 24, she joined her brother in New York where she first worked doing odd jobs in a cosmetics shop where she spent hours educating herself about skincare.

She, later on, she became a partner in a beauty salon. When her partnership ended in 1909, Arden opened her own beauty salon on Fifth Avenue. She also changed her name to Elizabeth Arden (her birth name was Florence Nightingale Graham, after the famous nurse).

Arden then began formulating, manufacturing, and selling her own line of cosmetics products and in 1909, she expanded her business under the corporate label, Elizabeth Arden.

In 1922 Arden expanded into the European market with the opening of her first salon in France.

Elizabeth Arden’s marketing campaigns stressed the need to teach women the proper way to apply makeup, pioneering such concepts as beauty make-overs, cosmetics scientific formulation and color coordination of lip, eye, and facial makeup. Her marketing technique was to target plain, middle-aged women who are inclined to use products that promise a more youthful and prettier image. Needless to say, her strategy paid off.

The Elizabeth Arden Quick Bio

Full name:  Elizabeth Arden

Birthdate: December 31, 1878

Birthplace: Canada

Company: Elizabeth Arden

Industry: Personal Care and Home Products

Key success traits:  perseverance, a woman with an iron will to succeed


Arden’s businesses include salons in Europe and the US, South America, and Australia. The Company manufactures over 300 cosmetics products, which are sold at premium prices as the company wishes to maintain its image of exclusivity and unparalleled quality.

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