The Biography Summary of Erle Halliburton

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Erle Halliburton – Short Biography

Starting with nothing, Erle Halliburton founded a multibillion-dollar business called, well… Halliburton, which mainly provides oil services in the United States.

Halliburton was very innovative and developed tools and approaches that helped expand the company as well as make operations more efficient.

Erle Halliburton’s Success Formula

At the start, Erle Halliburton and his wife, Vida, developed methods on how to cement oil wells. When they finally found the right technique in 1919, they founded a company and named it the New Method Oil Well Company. The business was located at Healdton field at Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Erle continued to develop and innovate the company’s products and services by patenting technologies, formulating programs, and minimizing utility expenses which were the main driving force of the company.

The New Method Oil Well Company continued to flourish through World War II until the time of Erle’s death in 1957. During his leadership, he constantly expanded the business and built several offices in various areas.

His company had 201 offices located in over twenty different states and foreign nations. Erle’s company was worth billions at the time of his retirement. It was only in 1960 when the New Method Oil Well Company was renamed Halliburton.

The Erle Halliburton Quick Bio

Full Name: Erle Palmer Halliburton

Birth Date: 1892

Birth Place: Tennessee

Company: Halliburton

Industry: Utilities and Energy

Key success traits: unyielding innovator, meticulous manager


George Brown, Herman Brown, and Dan Root, founders of Brown & Root also started their company at around the same time Erle and Vida Halliburton began the New Method Oil Well Company.

Halliburton acquired the construction company, Brown & Root in 1962 after Herman Brown died. Kellogg, Brown & Root Company became the engineering support of Halliburton from then on.

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