Franklin Perdue – Business Bio Summary

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Franklin Perdue is a well-known and cherished figure in the world of chicken breeding and farming. His consistent labor on his farm, as well as his tireless campaigning for his product, made him an international celebrity and champion for chicken farming.

He is respected all over the world for his work ethic and approach to business, both of which continue to guide and inspire businessmen and entrepreneurs to this day.

Franklin Perdue – Great Chickens + Great Advertising = Success

The businessman Franklin Perdue always had a winning recipe for success with his chicken farm but it wasn’t just his products that made him successful. A combination of charm and good old-fashioned work principles got Perdue Farms to where it is today.

Perdue joined his father’s chicken farm company in 1939, almost 20 years after it was first founded and just before the beginning of World War II. This proved to be a difficult time for the company as the war was affecting chicken prices and the farm was dealing with various problems including, at one point, a fatal chicken disease that killed off most of their flock.

Undaunted, Perdue changed tactics. Instead of breeding layers (which the farm had previously been doing), he started breeding broilers. He also began mixing his own feeds that worked better and were much cheaper, than what he was buying at the time.

With these moves, Perdue Farms began to rapidly grow. In 1958 the company had its own feed mill constructed. Ten years later, Perdue bought a broiler processing plant so that he could focus on processing chickens for distributors to pick up and sell. This led to further amazing growth as the demand for processed chickens was very high.

It wasn’t long before he began campaigning the Perdue brand, and his efforts at marketing his chickens became legendary. He eventually starred in over 175 TV commercials that were frequently funny and had an enormous impact on the chicken consuming public. And to think that Frank was a shy person by nature just shows how devoted he was to his company and how deeply he believed in and fought for his products.

Frank Perdue died in 2005 leaving behind one of the largest and most successful chicken farms in the world and a working legacy that is deeply respected by many businessmen and entrepreneurs across the globe.

The Franklin Perdue Quick Bio

Full name:  Franklin Parsons Perdue

Birthdate: May 9, 1920

Birthplace: Salisbury, Maryland

Company: Perdue Farms

Industry:  Food

Key success traits:  honest, a man of integrity, hardworking, trustworthy


He was known to have said, It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken. As a businessman, Perdue was demanding to a certain extent and was a results-oriented person. Above all, however, he looked for integrity in people and built his business on honesty and dedication.