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Henry Bourne Joy – Short Biography

Find out how Henry Joy turned the Packard Motor Car Company around with his good business skills and smart innovations.

It was as president of Packard Motor Car Company that Henry Joy became a successful business leader.

During the 1900s, a Packard motor car was distinctly recognizable, similar to the way the most popular automobile brands are today. Joy was also responsible for the Liberty airplane motor.

Henry Joy’s Rise to Success

Joy graduated from Yale University in 1892. His first job was at the Peninsular Car Company as an office boy.

He strove hard until he earned enough money so he could buy himself a Packard motor car. After his purchase, Joy decided to visit the car company owner, James Ward Packard, in Ohio because he liked the automobile so much.

The motor car company that manufactured the Packard was then still called the Ohio Automobile Company. It was Joy who looked for investors and who formed the Packard Motor Car Company since the original owner still lacked capital.

As general manager, Joy turned Packard motor cars into a line of luxury cars that became famous throughout the world. Joy surprised everyone when he abandoned his position at the helm of the company during the First World War to join the army. He became a lieutenant colonel in the army and after the war returned to the Packard Motor Car Company.

Joy was not merely known for being a good businessman. He also introduced innovations to the automobile industry that advanced the pace of technology. For instance, the first concrete factory that the Packard Motor Car Company built became a model for automobile factories in succeeding years. He was also instrumental in the development of the V-12 engine used in trucks.

Joy was considered a brilliant mind of his generation and was also a leader that inspired confidence in his employees. Some people say that he would actually recommend doing something even if he knew it was wrong, only because he believed in taking risks and getting things started.

The Henry Joy Quick Bio

Full name:  Henry Bourne Joy

Birthdate: November 23, 1864

Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan

Company:  Packard Motor Car Company

Industry: Automotive and Aerospace

Key success traits:  daring, resourceful, charismatic


As part of the Lincoln Highway Association, Joy helped in the development of a road from New York to San Francisco. Up until his death in 1936, Joy was still very much involved in the automobile industry.

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