The Biography Summary of Irwin Jacobs

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Irwin Jacobs – Short Biography

Irwin Jacobs is the business leader best known for his contributions to the world of wireless technology communications.

As chairman of Qualcomm, he developed CDMA technology and forever changed the history of data and other forms of communication. Irwin pioneered wireless technology in the United States and became chairman of Qualcomm.

Jacobs graduated with an engineering course from Cornell University and then earned subsequent degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked as an assistant and associate professor at MIT and then became a professor at the University of California, San Diego. He was even the co-author of a textbook that is still used today, Principles of Communication Engineering.

Irwin formed the Linkabit Corporation with Andrew Viterbi. Later on, he co-founded Qualcomm. From a few part-time employees in Linkabit, Qualcomm grew to more than a thousand employees under his stewardship. It became known in the communications industry because it was able to replace existing TDMA technology with CDMA technology.

As chairman of Qualcomm, Jacobs was instrumental in the development of advanced technology for wireless communication. CDMA, which stands for Code Division Multiple Access, is satellite-based. The technology soon became pervasive across the United States and was adopted by many telecommunications operators, including Sprint.

Over the years, he has received awards both for his entrepreneurial spirit and the advancements in technology he helped push. He holds several patents for the technology he introduced due to his background as an electrical engineer.

The Irwin Mark Jacobs Quick Bio

Full name:  Irwin Mark Jacobs

Birthdate:  October 18, 1933

Birthplace: Bedford, Massachusetts

Company:  Qualcomm

Industry:  Communications

Key success traits:  ingenuity, skillfulness, keeping tuned in to the times


Jacobs and his wife Joan were both very involved in the development of public arts and education and often make contributions to these causes.

In fact, the School of Engineering at the University of California at San Diego is named the Jacobs School of Engineering, in honor of the significant contributions of this business leader to the college.

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