The Biography Summary of James W. Johnson

James W. Johnson – Short Biography

James Johnson’s stewardship of the Johnson and Johnson Company made it famous for producing Band-Aids as well as a line of baby care products that remain top sellers to this day.

After the death of Robert Wood Johnson, the first president of the Johnson and Johnson Company, James Johnson took over. By this time, the Johnson and Johnson Company had already established itself as a respected and admired brand in the field of healthcare products.

Under Johnson’s new leadership, the company was propelled to further growth. The first overseas office of the company was first established in England. It was also during his term as president that this business leader introduced Band-Aids to the market.

The band-aid was the brainchild of Earle Dickson, who was a cotton buyer for Johnson and Johnson and whose wife frequently encountered cuts and burns. He used some cotton gauze along an adhesive strip to protect his wife’s wounds. His wife no longer had to wait for her husband to come home to help dress her wounds.

Dickson introduced the idea to the company and it was soon mass-produced and marketed to the public. Although sales did not immediately pick up, word of mouth spread regarding the product and it soon became a household brand.

This adhesive bandage became recognizable nearly everywhere in the world for its ingenuity and convenience. Soon enough, almost every household in the United States had Band-Aids and every first-aid kit contained Band-Aids.

The Band-Aid became more popular than any product Johnson and Johnson sold.
The company established another overseas office in Canada. The company recognized, under the leadership of Johnson, that it was important to expand outside the United States to sustain success.

After Band-Aids, Johnson and Johnson diversified into surgical dressings and sutures. It also entered the field of child care products. It focused especially on products for babies, such as baby cream and baby oil.

After 1932, Johnson was replaced by someone else from the family. But his term will forever be remembered for its pioneering of ingenious products.

The James Johnson Quick Bio

Full name: James W. Johnson

Birthdate:  1856

Birthplace: Pennsylvania

Company:  Johnson and Johnson Company

Industry:  Healthcare