The Biography Summary of John Erik Jonsson

July 4, 2018 171 views

John Erik Jonsson – Short Biography

John Jonsson managed Texas Instruments and turned it into one of the most successful electronics manufacturers in the United States.

While this business leader was at its helm, transistor technology boomed under Texas Instruments.

John Jonsson – Persevering Against Skepticism

Under Jonsson, Texas Instruments was changed significantly. He brought a spirit of innovation to the company while recognizing the worth of each employee.

He had previously joined Geophysical Service while he was still based in New Jersey. Later on, he moved to Dallas, Texas, and was named the secretary of the company. Geophysical Service was the oil exploration arm of a much larger company. Jonsson, along with some partners, later bought Geophysical Service.

With over a thousand employees, the company continued to grow. During the war, the company still profited because of the defense contracts it was able to acquire. The name was later changed to Texas Instruments after the company diversified into other businesses.

After obtaining a license to manufacture transistors, Texas Instruments became part of the semiconductor industry. It was during Jonsson’s time that Texas Instruments manufactured its first pocket-sized transistor radio.

It was Jonsson’s vision that kept the company afloat. He used the Bell silicon transistor patent to create the semiconductors that became the company’s core business. He found employees who were skilled in what they did, could undertake research in the industry, and continue to introduce innovations to the company.

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