The Biography Summary of John Sculley

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John Sculley – Short Biography

Two major and reputable companies – namely Pepsi and Apple Computer – have John Sculley to thank. Sculley was responsible for both companies’ unbelievable amount of sales during his time as their president.

Sculley’s ground-breaking marketing strategies as a business leader ultimately helped both Pepsi and Apple Computer secure their status as one of the leading brands in beverages and computers respectively.

John Sculley – The Brains Behind the Pepsi Challenge

John Sculley was born in the U.S. on April 6, 1939, but was raised in Bermuda. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Architectural Design from Brown University and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

Sculley first started out as a trainee in 1967 for Pepsi. Three years later he became the youngest marketing vice president of Pepsi. And that’s not all, seven years later Sculley went on to become the first youngest-ever president for Pepsi at the tender age of 30.

Sculley is the brains behind the Pepsi challenge. When he was senior vice president, he launched an advertising campaign claiming that Pepsi tasted better and was preferred by most people as opposed to Coca Cola.

The Pepsi challenge worked like this: loyal drinkers of Coca Cola were blindfolded and asked to drink one Pepsi and one Coca Cola and the test showed that even loyal drinkers of Coca Cola preferred Pepsi. Sculley managed to show in the ad campaign that Coca Cola drinkers were loyal to the brand; not to the taste and quality itself.

It was also John Sculley’s marketing skills that got him a position in Apple Computer. Sculley applied all his novel and tried and tested marketing techniques to Apple Computer and the company reaped the benefits of Sculley’s marketing genius.

The John Sculley Quick Bio

Name: John R. Sculley

Birthdate: April 6, 1939

Birthplace: United States

Company: Apple Computer and Pepsi

Industry: Computers and Electronics, Retail-Beverage

Key success traits: believes in infinite possibilities and a marketing genius in the truest sense.


Did you know that aside from being a marketing genius, John Sculley is also an inventor? At the young age of 14, he invented a color cathode ray tube very similar to the one Sony used to utilize the Trinitron color TV. Unfortunately, another inventor patented it first, just a few weeks before John Sculley.

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