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Lyle C. Roll – Short Biography

Lyle Roll was the chairman and president of Kellogg Company. Under the leadership of Roll, Kellogg Company’s growth in earnings and revenues continued for 20 consecutive years (1951 – 1971).

Lyle Roll’s strategy of acquiring Salada and Fearn, new product introductions and international expansion resulted in increasing the company’s revenue and earnings to three-fold.

Lyle Roll – From Door-to-Door Salesman to Chairman and President…

Lyle Roll was born in Illinois. He was once a Kellogg Company door-to-door salesman. Thanks to his loyalty and perseverance, Roll slowly climbed his way to the top and in 1957, he was given the position of chairman and president of Kellogg Company.

Roll’s tenure in the company lasted for 20 years. In his years of service, he was able to give continuity to the company’s revenue growth.

Lyle Roll had strategies that helped him boost the growth of Kellogg Company. The first of his strategies was to acquire Fearn International Inc. and Salada Foods Limited. The acquisitions of these companies shed light to his second strategy.

Lyle Roll planned on introducing new products and the acquired companies such as Frozen Mini-Wheats and Eggo Frozen Waffles. The third strategy of Roll was international expansion.

In this front, there were several problems that they encountered. For instance, the French are used to having brioches and croissants with a café au lait and was not ready to take on the crunchy cornflake as an alternative. The Brazilians who have no proper term for breakfast would rather have toast and coffee for the first meal of the day.

However, in other parts of the world like South Africa, Australia, and England, the breakfast cereal was welcomed with arms wide open. With these three strategies, Lyle Roll was able to continue and triple the revenue and profit growth of the Kellogg Company for years.

The Lyle Roll Quick Bio

Full Name: Lyle C. Roll

Birth Date: 1907

Birth Place: Illinois

Company: Kellogg Company

Industry: Food & Tobacco

Key Success Traits: unwavering perseverance, visionary strategist, effective management skills


Even if most of Lyle Roll’s time is eaten up by his daily work, he never forgets to eat his bowl of cereal for breakfast. He wants to emphasize to other people the importance of eating one’s breakfast. of course, this should be done with Kellogg’s line of breakfast goodies.

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