Max Factor – Business Bio Summary

From a business that catered to makeup for Hollywood studios, Max Factor Jr. was able to transform the Max Factor Company to become an international provider of quality makeup to ordinary women.

He developed and created products that have outsold 65 different brands from varied groups of competitors. To this day, Max Factor remains and thrives as one of the leading cosmetic brands in the industry.

Max Factor – Hollywood Makeup Artist for All Women

Francis Max Factor Jr., who took over the family enterprise after his legendary father’s death in 1938, is considered a pioneer in the makeup and cosmetics industry.

During the glory years of Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s, Max Factor became intimately connected to the movie makeup industry. Already a name in the movie industry, Max Factor’s biggest break came when he was able to provide makeup for Technicolor Films.

Technicolor was virtually new at that time and the makeup for the black and white film was apparently unsatisfactory. The faces of the actors tend to reflect the colors of the costumes they were wearing or the colors of the sets.

With this industry problem, Max Factor went out of his way to research and experiment to come up with a new makeup product. And the result was Pan-Cake Make-up. The product revolutionized the appearance of actors in the movies and it became a standard makeup for all-color motion pictures.

With its success, Max Factor had the product patented in 1937. With the transparent effect of the makeup, motion picture stars began buying and wearing cosmetics even off-cam because they loved it. And within a very short period of time, women from all over America wanted the Max Factor Pan-Cake makeup available to them as well… and the rest is history.

Max Factor’s Pan-Cake Makeup holds the record of being one of the biggest selling and fastest-growing single makeup item in the history of makeup and cosmetics. And up until the present, Max Factor makeup cakes are still available and selling in the market.

After Pan-Cake Makeup, Max Factor continued to develop other successful products that not only increased his wealth and holdings but also won awards and recognitions because of his innovativeness and ability to respond to the makeup needs of women.

Some of these are the following:

  • Max Factor’s Tru Colour Lipstick (1940) is considered the first indelible lipstick (the color does not irritate or change after it is applied)
  • in 1947, Max Factor developed Pan Stick Makeup for television
  • in 1971, Max Factor launched the first waterproof make-up
  • in 1989, Max Factor launched No Colour Mascara which earned the Outstanding Product of the Year from the beauty industry’s Rex Awards

The Max Factor, Jr. Quick Bio

Full Name: Francis Max Factor

Year of Birth: 1904

Death:  1996

Birth Place: Missouri

Company: Max Factor Company

Industry: Personal Care Home Products

Key success traits: innovative, experimental, creative


Max Factor is credited to have made available beautiful makeup not only to the stars but to all women from different walks of life. But Max Factor was not all about glamour. In 1946, Max Factor developed camouflage makeup for the Marine Corps, thereby doing its patriotic duty as well.