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Max Palevsky – Short Biography

Since starting his own business in 1961, Max Palevsky has gone on to become one of the most wealthy and influential businessmen in the world. He is also an art patron and venture capitalist, using his money to help support the arts, and fund other companies.

His business sense and love for art and culture leave him a well-respected figure in the business and entertainment industries.

Max Palevsky – Serve and Then Be Served

Palevsky’s story isn’t complicated: he started like many of us. But his sharp business sense and determination made him a fortune down the road. Born in Illinois in 1924, by the time he was in his 20’s, World War II had broken out and he eventually had to serve his country in the conflict. He joined the US Army and served as a meteorological officer.

The end of the war allowed Max to shake off the traumas of international conflict and seek out his own fortunes. Eventually, he worked for a company called Bendix and got a taste for working with computers.

He then moved on to work with Packard Bell. Being influenced by his work at Bendix, he convinced the company it should get involved in the computer industry.

Packard Bell agreed and Palevsky led them to develop the PB-250, a bit-serial computer that marked the company’s successful venture into the world of computers. He wasn’t to be an employee forever and went on to raise $1 million for his own company Scientific Data Systems.

A year after he founded the company in 1961, SDS unveiled the model 910 computer which established the company’s success and glowing reputation, especially among the scientific community. Eight years later Palevsky sold SDS to Xerox for a cool $920 million.

The Max Palevsky Quick Bio

Full Name:  Max Palevsky

Birthdate: 1924

Birthplace: Illinois, USA

Company: Scientific Data Systems

Industry:  Computers

Key success traits:  observant, dedicated, intrepid


Helped finance the famous companies Intel and Rolling Stone magazine. He also collected art and actively supported major art institutions and the preservation of art.

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