Michael Ilitch- Business Bio Summary

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Michael Ilitch

Chances are even if you have not heard of Michael Ilitch, you will be familiar with Little Caesar’s Pizza.

As the man behind one of the most successful pizza chains in the United States, Michael Ilitch created his fortune from the food business.

From a single store in Detroit, he has multiplied Little Caesar’s into more than 4000 branches all over the world.

Michael Ilitch – The Little Caesar’s Story

Michael Ilitch is responsible for the number four chain in the United States today.

Michael Ilitch had a vision for fast-food restaurants even before they became popular. He knew how to give his customers good food at affordable prices and also knew how to give them quick and excellent service.

Ilitch’s success story is based on boldness and foresight because he turned down an offer to play baseball and chose to go into business instead.

Although he sells Italian food under an Italian sounding name, Ilitch is actually of Macedonian descent. From one store he grew his business into an international franchise, which is still privately owned by the Ilitch family to this day.

The Little Caesar’s pizza chain was able to penetrate the market because of its advertising campaign that stood out from the rest of the pizza chains in the crowded American consumer market. After conquering the food industry with Little Caesar’s Enterprises, this business leader later bought a hockey team, the Detroit Red Wings, and a baseball team, the Detroit Tigers.

Under his ownership, the Detroit Red Wings won back to back championships. Although his son Christopher is now CEO of Little Caesar’s Enterprises, both Ilitch and his wife remain actively involved in the business. Because the company owns many old buildings in their hometown of Detroit, Ilitch has also had a hand in the development of the city through the demolition of these outdated structures.

He is also involved in the Ilitch Charities for Children organization, which the couple put up themselves. As its name suggests, the foundation is devoted to benefiting children.

The Michael Ilitch Quick Bio

Full Name:  Michael Ilitch

Birthdate: July 20, 1929

Birthplace: Detroit Michigan

Company: Little Caesar’s Enterprises

Industry:  Restaurants and Lodging

Key Success Traits:  fearless pioneer, close family ties


Ilitch joined the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2003. Ilitch actually bought the Detroit Tigers team from one of his competitors, the owner of Domino’s Pizza.