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Oscar Mayer – Short Biography

Oscar F. Mayer was a German immigrant who founded a meat-packing business in Chicago. His company was called Oscar Mayer and Company. From only a dozen employees in 1919, Mayer’s workforce grew to nearly 8,000 in 1955.

Together with his brothers, Mayer turned a flagging meat market on the north side of Chicago into a huge success. Mayer’s exceptional business performance record qualifies him as a business leader in anybody’s book.

Oscar F. Mayer – the Meat of the Matter…

Oscar F. Mayer hit it big time when he bought a rundown Chicago meat market. A skilled Wurstmacher, Mayer was able to quickly turn the Kolling Meat Market’s dismal sales numbers into more positive ones. He prepared various house specialties – from liverwurst to weisswurst to bratwurst. All these were favorites of the mostly German-descent residents.

Mayer had built himself up as a respected local merchant. A few years later, Mayer established his own store a couple of blocks south of his store’s former location with the help of the $10,000 he had borrowed from friends and the bank.

Mayer created easily identifiable brand names for his hams, sausages, and bacon. The concept of branding meat varieties was extremely progressive for someone who was just a small town meatpacker. Back then big packing houses were still selling their products incognito or anonymously!

Demand for Mayer’s scrumptious sausages had grown so high that the store was delivering goods using horse-drawn wagons throughout Chicago and the suburbs. Shoppers were inquiring about his products by name, pushing him to expand to larger markets thus making Oscar Mayer a national brand.

By 1948, the firm launched what would be the precursor of modern self-serve bacon meat packages. In 1950, Oscar Mayer and Company reinvented its original product, the sausage. It packed sliced cold cuts in vacuum-sealed wraps. Re-sealable packages were introduced a decade later. Mayer valued freshness and by 1971, was the first meat processor to place use-by dates on packed meats.

The Oscar F. Mayer Quick Bio

Full Name: Oscar Ferdinand Mayer

Birth Date: March 29, 1859

Birth Place: Bavaria, Germany

Company: Oscar Mayer and Company

Key Success Traits: heart, determination, salesmanship and magnetic personality


Near the end of Oscar Mayer’s involvement, his company’s yearly sales were pegged at a cool $225 million – not bad for a former meatpacker.

In 1988, the Mayer company came out with new treats to make kids’ lunches more interesting. Lunchables lunch combinations and snacks were introduced.

The product effectively changed the boring brown-bag lunches into great lunchtime experiences.

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