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Pete Rozelle – Short Biography

Pete Rozelle is known as a former commissioner of the National Football League.

More than this, he is actually credited with its success as a sports league that has been admired and emulated throughout the world.

Pete Rozelle – Turning Football Into An American Tradition

Pete Rozelle had his early beginning working as a student publicist for the football team of the University of San Francisco.

Even before he graduated, he had already gained work experience doing public relations for the front office of the LA Rams.

Aside from this, he was also able to transform the national championship basketball season of the Dons into a media event that was covered on a national scale. After graduation, he was able to gain further experience in public relations for other sports events such as the 1956 Olympics that was held in Australia. After this, he took on a full-time post as the public relations specialist of the LA Rams.

In 1960, the NFL was a dying league. Stadiums were never filled and not all of the teams had contracts on television.

They had continued to follow an old-fashioned business model that was set in place thirty years ago and was no longer adaptable for the current market. Under the leadership of Pete Rozelle, he managed to negotiate with the major television networks so that they would show every single NFL game.

Aside from this, he also encouraged profit sharing among the owners of the leagues. In effect, what this business leader did was form a cartel that was beneficial for everyone involved, especially since this also affected how the football players were drafted.

It was because of Pete Rozelle that Monday Night Football entered the American psyche and became a national pastime. Although there was competition from the American Football League, Pete Rozelle still managed to ensure that the NFL came out on top each time.

The Pete Rozelle Quick Bio

Full name: Alvin Ray Pete Rozelle

Birth Date: March 1, 1926

Birth Place: California

Company: National Football League

Industry: Entertainment/Broadcast Media

Key Success Traits:  enterprising, bold and family-oriented


Since his wife had alcohol problems, Pete Rozelle was tasked with raising their daughter Anne. He often brought her along during meetings and would take off early from the office, so he could help with her schoolwork.

Pete Rozelle also encountered controversy when he continued to air the NFL games a few days after the assassination of President JFK, a decision he claimed later that he regretted.

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