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Powers Robert Powers – Short Biography

Robert Powers helped the Nalco Chemical Company achieve substantial growth and profits in the chemical industry. His eight-year job with the company (from 1971-79) saw major adjustments made including diversification of products and services that were key to the company’s local and international development.

His strong and dynamic leadership revolutionized Nalco’s standing in the chemical industry and allowed it to become a multi-billion dollar business.

Robert Powers was brought into the Nalco fold to make a difference. He more than fulfilled his mission.

The Nalco Chemical Company was established in 1928 (although its original name was the National Aluminate Corporation. It wasn’t until 1959 that the name Nalco was first used). The company focused on water treatment but management soon realized there were other worlds to conquer and brought in Robert Powers to help lead the company to other avenues of business and profit.

Powers decided that diversification was what the company needed and began the process of identifying markets that Nalco could integrate itself into.

He understood the company’s main strengths and weaknesses and capitalized on both, creating growth strategies that would aid the company’s diversification process. Nalco went from simple water treatment to industrial chemicals and other specialty products.

Powers also came up with initiatives to establish the company in other countries. His hard and insightful work at Nalco Chemical Company helped the company firmly establish itself in the international chemicals industry.

Under his watch, Nalco facilities sprung up all over the world, earning the company huge profits and making it one of the most successful international chemical companies ever.

The Robert Powers Quick Bio

Full Name: Robert Powers

Birth Date: 1921

Birthplace: Pennsylvania

Company: Nalco Chemical Company

Industry:  Chemicals Industrial

Key Success Traits:  foresight, leadership, confidence