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Rochelle Lazarus – Short Biography

Ogilvy & Mather CEO Rochelle Lazarus pioneered the concept of ‘360-degree brand handling’ to enable clients to make a lasting impression whenever they come into contact with their target audience.

She is responsible for developing many of Ogilvy’s blue-chip clients, such as Kodak and IBM.

Ogilvy is also responsible for building the most popular brands in the world today: American Express, Barbie, Dove, Ford, Kodak, Pond’s Shell, Sears, and others.

Rochelle Lazarus – No Degree of Separation

After graduating from Smith College in the late-1960s, Shelly Lazarus went to Columbia Business School for her MBA. She was one of only three females in the class.

She joined Ogilvy & Mather in 1971, one of the biggest ad agencies in the world to this day, as part of the account service. This gave her the opportunity to work and gain experience across all product categories. She became its chief in 1997, and within five years, the company was named North American Agency of the Year, by Advertising Age.

Lazarus created the Ogilvy cornerstone of 360-degree branding. It is a concept that uses the widest array possible of methods and tools, the goal being to nurture the connection between consumer and brand.

The firm aggressively adopted the Lazarus concept for its local and global policies in more than 120 countries. This was due to the fact that it was the perfect innovation on the Ogilvy founder’s philosophy of the best advertising being the one that builds brands.

The Rochelle Lazarus Quick Bio

Full Name: Rochelle Lazarus

Birth Date: 1947

Birth Place: New York

Company: Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

Industry: Services

Key success traits:  Innovative thinking; client concern; skill in building customer relationships; vast, hands-on experience gained from working upwards through the ranks.


Aside from managing a global advertising enterprise, Lazarus is an active board member of the World Wildlife Fund and the New York Presbyterian Hospital. She is married to a pediatrician, has three children, and lived in  New York City.

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