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Ross Perot – Short Biography


Ross Perot is perhaps best known for running as an independent candidate in the US presidential elections in 1992 and 1996.

These, however, are just a couple of many illustrious ventures Perot has taken part in. He is in fact a billionaire, from Texas who made his fortune in the information technology business.

Respected by his peers around the world for being an incisive and headstrong businessman, Perot is always been keen on good business and making things happen.

Ross Perot – Major Player Since the Beginning

Ross Perot started out like many of us: with humble beginnings. But it wasn’t long before he was making a name for himself and taking the business world by storm.

Perot joined the US Navy in 1949. When he finished his service in 1957, he joined IBM as a salesperson. He then amazed everybody in the company by selling his yearly quota in just two weeks.

IBM was thrilled with their star employee but they had little time to listen to his ideas – and he had many. Undaunted by the lack of attention, Perot left IBM in 1962 and founded his own company, Electronic Data Systems ( EDS ).

Things began shakily for EDS but Perot persisted, landing his first contract after 88 rejections. EDS eventually gained many projects from the US government and when it went public 1968, the company stock price leaped from $16 to $160 in a matter of days. 16 years later, General Motors bought EDS for $2.4 billion taking Perot from rich to super-rich status in less than two decades.

The Ross Perot Quick Bio

Full Name: Henry Ross Perot

Birth Date: June 27, 1930

Birth Place: Texarkana, Texas

Company: Electronic Data Systems ( EDS ) Perot Systems

Industry: information technology

Key Success Traits: persistence, dedication, fearlessness, integrity


Founded Perot Systems, another information technology company, after splitting with General Motors over the future of EDS.

Perot Systems was no fluke and generated an annual income of $2 billion. He also funded the ill-fated computer company NeXT, helmed by Steve Jobs, although the company’s failure hardly put a dent in his pocket.

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