The Biography Summary of Stanley Charles Allyn

October 29, 2018 339 views

Stanley Charles Allyn – Short Biography

Stanley Allyn is chairman of the National Cash Register Company. He is known for being actively involved in his work.

Until his late sixties, Allyn continued to supervise his company by making frequent trips abroad and observing firsthand the possible changes and actions needed to boost growth and sales.

He did his job with enthusiasm, expanding the company, and earning profits never before seen in its 77 years of existence.

Stanley Allyn was the type of capitalist who wasn’t easily satisfied. He wanted, “shock and awe.” He tripled NCR’s sales volume after only seven years.

Stanley Allyn’s Success

Stanley Allyn graduated from the University of Wisconsin and started to work as a clerk at the National Cash Register plant in Dayton earning $20 a week. He was impressed by the rules given out by his boss and mentor, John H. Patterson, which involves a strict time schedule, a healthy lifestyle, uniformity, and professionalism. At only 27 years old, Allyn was the company’s youngest board member.

In 1940, Allyn placed his sites oversees and began building plants and factories in Berlin, Augsburg, Japan, France, Sweden, Brazil, and Scotland. These expansions opened the door to foreign investors and retailers as new registers, calculators, and registry systems were made by NCR. At this point, NCR’s sales volume grew to $98 million.

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