William Boeing – Business Bio Summary

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William Boeing

William Boeing is a world-class business leader. He founded the Boeing Airplane Company, which is considered today to be the second largest defense contractor worldwide.

The two main departments of Boeing Airplane Company are Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, which is responsible for military products, and Boeing Commercial Planes, which is responsible for commercial airplanes.

William Boeing – An Interest in Boats Leads to Airplanes

Boeing was born in Detroit, Michigan to an affluent family. He attended Yale University but left shortly in 1903 and got into the lumber business. He invested in timberlands around Gray’s Harbor and also got into the lumber operation.

Eventually, he became the President of the Greenwood Logging Company. During his tenure at Greenwood, Boeing got into boat design so he attended the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (1903). While there, he saw a ‘manned flying machine’ and pretty soon after that, his thoughts would be dominated by aircrafts.

In 1916, he partnered with George Westervelt as B&W and founded Pacific Aero Products. In 1917, America entered World War I and Boeing was contracted by the United States Navy to deliver 50 planes. (It was at this time when he changed the company’s name to Boeing Airplane Company.)

When the war ended, he decided to focus his energy on commercial airplanes and launch a profitable airmail operation.

In 1934, the government of the United States accused Boeing of monopolistic practices. He broke up his company into three separate units because of the Air Mail Act. These units became the United Aircraft Company, Boeing Airplane Company, and United Air Lines.

During this year, Boeing also retired and concentrated on property development. of course, he never lost his interest in airplanes. He remained a consultant for the company he founded, especially during the World War II.

The William Boeing Quick Bio

Full name:  William E. Boeing

Birthdate: October 1, 1881

Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan

Company: Boeing Airplane Company

Industry: Aviation

Key Success Traits:  versatile, an indisputable risk-taker, passionate


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