The Biography Summary of William Randolph Hearst

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William Randolph Hearst – Short Biography

William Hearst was the founder of the Hearst newspaper chain. He was born from a rich family and inherited the things he needed to start his empire. However, his ingenuity was the one that made his company, American Newspapers, prosper.

Hearst published and took over several media types such as newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and film studios. He built the infamous Hearst Castle, a mansion in central California.

Hearst’s published works were very influential and at one point, was even rumored to have spurred World War I.

William Hearst’s Success

William Hearst was the only child of former U.S. senator George Hearst. His parents were very wealthy and had several businesses, particularly in mining. He studied at St. Paul’s Preparatory School in Concord New Hampshire, and Harvard. He was very interested and good at journalism and drama.

His father obtained the San Francisco Examiner. In 1887, William gained control of the San Francisco Examiner and also bought the New York Journal. He continued buying newspaper companies, reaching a total of over twenty. In 1903, he began publishing magazines after he got married to Millicent Wilson.

William was also politically inclined like his father and became Congressman of the United States House of Representatives in 1902 and was re-elected two years later. He was still very much in publishing and the news and continued to invest in radio broadcasting and television.

He built the companies Hearst Metrotone News and King Features Syndicate. With all the various media that he had acquired, The Hearst Corporation was born. At this point, he already owned over a million acres of land and dozens of publishing firms.

The William Hearst Quick Bio

Full Name: William Randolph Hearst

Birth Date: April 29, 1863

Birth Place: San Francisco, California

Company: American Newspapers

Industry: Publishing and Print Media

Success Traits: ambitious collector, passion-driven business attitude


The Hearst Castle or San Simeon was built by William Hearst as a realization of his dream as a young boy. After 28 years of planning, the landmark became his place of residency and for entertaining famous guests.

He had to leave due to medical treatment requisites in 1947 but the Castle remains as the epitome of the success of the father of The Hearst Corporation.

William Hearts died in 1951. His children and grandchildren continue to be highly interested in media and received a number of recognitions. William Randolph, Jr. won the Pulitzer Prize and George R. Hearst, Jr. served as chairman of The Heart Corporation.

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