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William R. Hewlett – Short Biography

Now synonymous with many consumer electronics products, such as computers and printers, Hewlett-Packard has grown to become one of the most popular and most trusted brands in the industry.

The company would not have achieved the heights of success it enjoys today without its co-founder, William R. Hewlett.

The skills and knowledge in the engineering of this business leader propelled a modest company into a billion-dollar international enterprise.

William R. Hewlett – Book Smarts And Determination Spell Success

Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on May 20, 1913, William R. Hewlett took his studies seriously from a very young age. In 1934, at age 21, Hewlett received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University.

He pursued graduate studies and two years later, got his Master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1939, he was awarded an additional engineering degree at Stanford.

Hewlett’s ambition and determination to establish a company bore fruit in 1939, the same year he received his engineering degree at Stanford University when he and fellow Stanford engineer and friend David Packard founded the Hewlett Packard Company.

The two friends and new business partners determined whose name would come first in the company name by tossing a coin. Their initial investment in the company was a mere $538.

Resistance-capacitance audio oscillators, which were the first products of Hewlett-Packard, sold well in the market and marked the beginning of the company’s climb to success.

Hewlett served as Hewlett-Packard’s vice president in 1947. He then moved on to become the company’s executive vice president, president, and, finally, its chief executive officer in 1969. After he stepped down as the company’s CEO in 1978, Hewlett continued serving on the company board until 1987. He died at the age of 87 in 2001.

The William R. Hewlett Quick Bio

Full Name:  William R. Hewlett

Birthdate:  May 20, 1913

Birthplace:  Ann Arbor, Michigan

Company:  Hewlett-Packard Company

Industry:  Computers and Electronics

Key Success Traits:  a high regard for academics, highly motivated, ambitious, determined


Because of Hewlett’s love for knowledge and the sciences, and his philanthropic contribution to many scientific and academic organizations, many reputable American academic institutions awarded him various honorary degrees.

Among the most notable honorary degrees that Hewlett received were law degrees from five universities; Doctor of Engineering degrees from three universities; Doctor of Science degrees from two universities; and a Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Johns Hopkins University.

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