Tips to Keep in Mind When Advertising

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How to Eliminate Chaos in Your Business
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Make your message clear and to the point. There is no use in rambling on, especially in an advertisement, where you only have a few seconds to capture your prospects attention. Time and space is limited, so get to the point.

Be Honest:

Always be honest in your ads. Deliver what you promise. Avoid tricks; people hate to be tricked.

Believe in Your Message Before You Start to Write It:

If you don’t believe in what you’re saying, it will show in your ad. If you’re really excited, you will write a better ad than if you don’t care about what you’re advertising, or you don’t believe in what you’re doing.

Get Opinions:

Have others read your ad. Did they understand it? If you have to explain what it’s about, then you should rewrite your ad until it can be understood with ease.

Focus on the customer, not on your business, yourself, or your products and services. In other words don’t write about how great your business is, how great you are, how great your products are, but rather how your business, products, and service will do great things for your customer. Think customer, think customer benefits.

Think Benefits, Not Features:

Whatever you say in your ad, translate it into a benefit. Take, for example, a super fast computer. The feature is that the computer is super fast. The translation to a benefit would be to say, “You could save hours of time, using this computer.” The benefit is the time saved.

Tips For Placing Ads Testing:

You should always test your ads. You do this by tracking your ads with codes that you put in your advertising. For example, a different telephone number for each ad, or a promotion code you put in the ad that the customer tells you when ordering, lets you know which ad the customer is responding to.

Start Small:

Your first ads should be low cost because you don’t know what kind of a response you will have. Once you fine-tune your ads, you can place more expensive ads.


Always target your advertising. It’s rare to find a product or service for everyone. The more precisely you target your audience, the higher the response rate you can expect.

Placing Ads:

Target your publication. Make sure the ad you are placing is appropriate for the publication. For example, you wouldn’t place an ad for sewing machines in a fishing magazine, would you?

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