Steps To Take When You Become Successful

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How to Eliminate Chaos in Your Business
Part 23

Once you have reached success, it’s not over yet. It’s like losing a lot of weight after months of working out, dieting, and sacrificing.

You don’t go back to your old routine; you enjoy your new health and stay in shape! The same applies to your business; keep it in shape!

What Do You Do With the Money?

When you become successful and have made a lot of profit, don’t put all of your profits back into the business. Use some of your profits to enjoy the things you like in life.

This serves two purposes: first, you will live a happier, healthier life; second when you pay yourself, you will want to work more efficiently and do better. In your mind, you link pleasure to making money, and you will want to work! You won’t feel that you have to work.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable:

Once your business is running smoothly, the worst thing you can do is to get too comfortable. You want to stay on top of things and keep your business running at its peak. Once you start to relax and take it easy, you will start to get lazy and put off critical tasks or push them onto other people.

Instead of getting too comfortable, find ways to make your business more interesting, adding your own satisfying challenges and that extra drive. Everything is going great at this point. Why stop now?

Leadership vs. Management

With a smooth-running business, you have the choice to get into leadership, instead of management. The difference between the two is critical.

Management has to do with the day to day tasks of running the business. Leadership has to do with critical thinking, looking into the future, and taking a look at the big picture.

When you are into leadership, you are directing the business, as opposed to management, which runs the business.


In closing, I would like to say that you have a wealth of information in this eSecation called, “How to Eliminate Chaos in Your Business”  and “A Touch of Business.com.” You can have all the information in the world; but if you don’t use it, then what good is it?

The only way to benefit from any type of information is to put it to work.

Don’t wait for the right time, because it may never come! You just have to start. The longer you procrastinate, the less your chance for success.

Just start!

As a child, you took your first step. You don’t remember, but your parents do. Your first step was very slow and unstable, but you took it.

Then you took another and another. Soon enough, you started to walk on your own and could even run, so start today to take your first step towards success in your business!

Acey Gaspard
A Touch of Business.com

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