Here’s An Overview of What It Takes To Become An Aerialist 

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This post contains insights and tips for becoming an aerialist. People in this career have a level of talent to perform the many maneuvers in acrobatic shows.

Naturally, you can’t be afraid of heights and you need excellent coordination and talent to succeed as an aerialist.

Ask Yourself The Following Questions Before Pursuing This Career:

  • Is this something I love to do?
  • Am I passionate about this career?
  • Is this something I want to do for the rest of my life?
  • Is this a job I would do for free if I could afford it?
  • Is this a career I can be proud of?

You need passion and determination to be successful in any career. Many times people will think they want a certain career, go to school, spend thousands of dollars only to find they made the wrong choice and they hate the job.

You can find out if the job is right for you before investing time and money, by shadowing an aerialist, and if that’s not possible, see if you can interview a successful aerialist willing to sit with you so can pick their brain.

In the meantime have a look at the resources I have put together for this post to give an overview of what to expect from a career as an aerialist

Sections Included In This Post:

  • Aerialist Career Profile
  • What To Know Before Becoming An Aerialist
  • A Day in the Life of An Aerialist
  • Aerialist Salary
  • Aerialist Resume Tips
  • Steps To Becoming An Aerialist
  • Aerialist Associations
  • Aerialist Job FAQs
  • Terminology/Glossary Related to Aerialist
  • Quotes Related to Aerialists
  • Acrobatics Trade Publications
  • Acrobatics Blogs To Follow
  • Aerialists To Follow Online
  • Famous Aerialists
  • TV Shows and Movies Related To Acrobatics
  • Acrobatics Job Opportunities
  • Self Employment Ideas Related to Acrobatics
  • The Latest About Aerialist
  • Books Related To Aerialist
  • Tweets Related To Aerialist
  • Videos Related To Aerialist

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