How To Become An Aquatic Therapist – These Sites Have Expert Tips

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A Collection of Web Pages About Becoming An Aquatic Therapist

What Is It Exactly, And Do I Need It?

Water is the most abundant element of our body. 72% of our body is made of water. For centuries the medical community and the public have recognized the healing properties of water.

Water’s resistive qualities and the human body’s natural buoyancy combine to allow therapy and exercise without putting unnecessary stress on muscles and joints.

Water is the ideal method in which to exercise or rehabilitate the body….More at

A Day in the Life of An Aquatic Therapist

Working in Physical Therapy: A Day in the Life of a PTA

Physical therapist assistants, or PTAs, work closely with physical therapists to help patients regain their strength and abilities after injury, disease, or medical treatment.

If you’re considering a career as a physical therapist assistant, expect action-packed work days, with a sometimes physically demanding regimen.

It’s a challenging profession, requiring physical exertion and the ability to relate well to patients and to respond to them with compassion and caring. But the rewards of being a PTA are numerous – among them…More at

Aquatic Therapist Education – Schools and Certification

Aquatic Therapy and Certification – Personal Training Insurance

What does it take to become a certified in aquatic therapy? Anyone interested in expanding into the aquatic therapy niche must do these 3 things.

To those suffering with pain and immobility, fitness therapy is an invaluable source of relief.

Whereas a physical therapist’s job is to facilitate immediate recovery for the injured, a fitness therapist’s work picks up where physical therapy leaves off…More at

Aquatic Therapy Basics – Principles and Benefits

Aquatic Therapy Basics will focus on why we use water as a modality in our clinics.

We will discuss the principles of water and how these impact our treatments. We will learn the contraindications, precautions and how the major systems of the body are impacted by the principles of water.

Finally, we will discuss the therapeutic benefits of the use of water with a case study review…More at

Trends/Statistics For Aquatic Therapist Jobs

Current trends in hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy – Kaenz

Current trends on how to perform pool exercises, hydrotherapy and aquatic therapy, based on scientific evidence and clinical recommendation.

Currently there is a lot of information on the internet about pool exercises, hydrotherapy and/or aquatic therapy, but it should be considered which recommendations are based on scientific evidence, adapting to the objectives and needs of people seeking this type of therapy, to solve their health problems, which conventional medicine has not been able to reverse…More at

Top Reasons Aquatic Therapy Will Disappear in the Next Decade (unless someone does something about it) | National Swimming Pool Foundation

Join Andrea Salzman on October 19-20th at the World Aquatic HealthTM Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. On October 19th, Andrea will lead an 8-hour intensive lab course (complete with 4 hours in the pool) to learn to provide evidence-based aquatic therapy.

On the 20th Andrea will spearhead an industry-wide wake-up regarding the potential demise of aquatic therapy – and what must be done before it is too late…More at