How to Become An Art Critic – Here Are The Resources You Need

February 20, 2020 470 views

A Unique Collection of Resources You’ll Need To Become An Art Critic

If you have an eye for art and can detect problems, see the beauty, and analyze various forms of art, then a career as an art critic may be in your future. Read on to get insights as to what’s required to get into this type of career.

Basically, there are two types of art critics.

1. Journalistic art critics write about events and exhibitions. You may be writing for a newspaper, magazine, or online publication.

2. Scholar art critics write for journals, universities, and professional art organizations.

You’ll be responsible for giving an informed opinion, and you’ll be analyzing artwork, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, ceramics, and other works of art. That being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t specialize in one form of art. Naturally, you’ll need experience in order to become a specialist.

You may also be traveling to exhibitions and galleries around the world, as well as meeting with people that manage or own private collections.

You’ll find a lot more insight as to what this career is all about in the abundant resource section further down the page.

Is This the Right Career for You?

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